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Bsc Agri Agronomy One Liner-2

Bsc Agri Questions & Answers
Agronomy Exam One Liner

Bsc Agri For All Agricultural Exams

Agronomy One Liner Questions

Subject:- Agronomy
Special 30 One Liner Questions
 Questions Answers
1Recently scientists separated germs in maize com for manufacturing?Contraceptives
2Sowing time of Boro rice?December – January
3If the price of a commodity increases then its demand will?Decrease
4Mexican dwarf wheat was evolved by?Dr. N. E. Borlaug 
5The non-traditional area for cultivating wheat is?Eastern India (West Bengal)
6During submergence in Rice field?Fe availability increases
7White eye of rice is caused by? Fe deficiency.
8Suitable irrigation method used in cotton, sugarcane, tobacco and vegetables are?Furrow irrigation
9Wheat protein is called as?Gluten
10The scientific/botanical name of soybean is?Glycine max
11Plant growth regulator used as sugarcane ripener is?Glyphosate
12Which rice variety got geographical indicators recently ?Gobindobhog
13Most sensitive and Critical moisture stage in sugarcaneGrand growth
14Vector of rice tungro virus is?Green leaf hopper 
15The use of synthetic varieties for commercial cultivation was first suggested in maize by?Hayes & Garber in 1919

Bsc Agri

 Questions Answers
16Apical dominance in sugarcane is due to?High Auxin content
17In sugarcane upper 1/3 part is used for sowing due to?High nitrogenous substance & glucose for better germination
18India is the second country after china to have commercialized?Hybrid rice technology
19The place of origin of sugarcane is?New Guinea
20Rice is originated from?India & Burma
21Rice variety in tropics?                                     Indica
22The rice varieties grown in India belongs to?Indica
23Hybrid rice was grown for commercial production for the first time in?Japan
24The paddy variety which is also known as Miracle rice of India is?Jaya
25Double cross hybrid in maize was first suggested by ?Jones
26Adsali sugarcane is planted in?June – July
27Pearling index in wheat measures? Kernel hardness
28Aman rice also known is?Kharif/winter rice
29Under lowland cultivation price takes oxygen through?leaves
30Sowing depth of dwarf wheat is directly depend upon?Length of coleoptyle

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