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Bsc Agri Questions & Answers
Bsc Agri

Bsc Agri For All Agricultural Exams

Questions Answers
1 Who was divided the world in 6 Biogeographical regions? Aristotle
2 The Planning Commission (1985-90) divided the country in how many agro-climatic zones? 15
3 Formation of soil is known as? Pedogenesis
4 Total amount of water present in the soil is called?
5 Deficiency of which element in soil causes chlorosis in plants? Magnesium
6 The formula for balanced salt solution of mineral elements for plant growth was given by? Knop
7 Which of the following are critical elements? N,P, K
8 Which element is common to nucleic acids, phospholipids, ATP and ADP? P
9 Which group is required for chlorophyll synthesis? Fe,Mg
10 Which element is a part of cytochrome oxidase? Fe
11 In an average well decomposed FYM(Farmyard manure) contains?
0.5% N2
0.2% P2O5
0.5% K2O
12 What is the drawback of poultry manure? It ferments very quickly
13 Trench method of FYM preparation is also known as? Dr. C. N. Acharya method
14 Which of the following is suitable method for application of FYM? To spread uniformly on the surface of soil
15 Muriate of potash is? kcl

Bsc Agri

Questions Answers
16 The smallest 3D volume of a soil needed to give full representation of horizontal variability of soil is termed as? Pedon
17 NPK Composition of standard fertilizer mixture for potato and Paddy is? 6,12,6
18 Which commercial fertilizer contains Mg & Ca as secondary nutrients? Epsum & Gypsum
19 Application of manures and fertilizers to the established crop within crop duration is termed as? Top dressing
20 Which are slow release fertilizer?
Neem coated urea
Thio urea
21 The higher the fertility of soil, the? Lower is the response to fertilizers
22 Thousands of hectare of cultivable land has been abandoned due to infestation of? Cyprus rotundus
23 Which weed is used as a green vegetable? Amaranthus viridis
24 Which weed is indicator of poor light soil? Cymbopogon
25 Heavy infestation of which weed causes poor ploughing performance? Cynodon dactylon
26 Eichhornia crassipes is Floating weed
27 Zygogramma bicolorata beetle feed on leaves of? Parthenium
28 Application of volatile chemical on confined spaces to produce gas that will destroy weed seeds is called? Fumigation
29 A herbicide which kills some species in a mixed growth plant species are termed as? Selective herbicides
30 Which of the common crop rotation under irrigated fields condition of Coimbatore district?

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