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Agricultural study Assistant Quality Controller

Assistant Quality Controller Agricultural study Assistant Quality Controller Useful For All Agricultural Exams Peb Mp Exams Of Agriculture

Useful For All Agricultural Exams Assistant Quality Controller

  Questions Answer
1 Leafless variety of pea is? Aparna
2 If the plant population of wheat is 25 lakhs per hectare and row to row spacing is 20 cm, then how many plants will be in one meter row length? 50
3 If the ready mix herbicide Vesta (Clodinafop 15% + Metsulfuron 1%) has been applied @ 400 g/ha as a commercial dose, the total quantity of active ingradient (g/ha) from ready mix herbicide will be? 64
4 If the plant spacing in soyabean is 30 cm × 5 cm, the plant population per hectare will be? 6.6 lakh
5 National Agriculture Insurance Scheme was started in? 1999
6 The time of plantation of Mango is? June – July
7 The Insecticide Act was passed in? 1968
8 Peat soils are? Acidic
9 Diadelphous stamens are found in which family? Papilionaceae
10 Linseed belongs to which of the family? Linaceae
11 Convolvulus arvensis is a botanical name of? Hirankhuri
12 I.P.S. 147-1 variety grown in Madhya Pradesh is of? Kodo
13 Khaira disease was reported for the first time in which rice variety? IR 8
14 PF value 4.18 indicates? Wilting point
15 Which temperature is found good for colour development in carrot? 12-15o C
16 Which type of Paddy is harvested in the month of April-May? Boro
17 Heat transfer in soil mainly occurs through? Conduction
18 First variety of rice in the world which contains vitamin A? T- 309
19 Average particle density of soil is? 2.6 Mg/m3
20 ‘Green ear’ disease is commonly occurred in the the crop of? Bajra
21 For one talk, how many flash cards should be used? 10-12
22 Length of Gunter chain is? 66 Ft
23 The bacteria which solubilize the insoluble phosphate? Bacillus megaterium
24 Dose of N.P.V. is?( 250 LE
25 Welfare definition of Economics was given by? Alfred Marshal

Assistant Quality Controller

  Questions Answers
26 Bushening operation is performed in? Rice
27 How many elements are found essential for plant growth at present? 17
28 How many agro-climatic zones are there in Madhya Pradesh at present? 11
29 Study of fruits is known as? Pomology
30 In which country the hybrid paddy cultivation is most common? China
31 Silver fish is studied under? Entomology
32 Kinnow is basically a? Mandarin
33 Balram Yojna is related to?( Water conservation
34 For applying 10 kg of nitrogen, how much quantity of urea (kg/ha) will be applied? 21.7
35 Extension teaching method is focused to? Learner
36 In Madhya Pradesh, S.F.R.I. is located at? Jabalpur
37 Which Krishi Vigyan Kendra has recently been estabilished under the
jurisdiction of Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya?
38 Seed Act was passed in the year? 1966
39 For calculating the value of phosphorus, P2O5 is multiplied by? 0.43
40 Land Equivalent Ratio (LER) is used to evaluate? Intercropping system
41 The capacity of a soil to resist appreciable change in pH value is called? Buffering capacity
42 Bio-super is made up of? Rock phosphate + Sulphur + Thiobacillus
43 NFSM was launched in? October 2007
44 Seed – rate of Lucerne per hectare is? 15 – 20 kg
45 Aphids and white flies are effectively controlled by? Systemic insecticide
46 Rice takes the nitrogen in the form of? Ammonical & Nitrate
47 Which implement is not used for harrowing? Plough
48 Bunchy top of Banana disease entered in India from which of the following countries? Sri Lanka
49 Tuber crop which is rich in protein is? Colocasia/ अरबी
50 Round table discussion is called?( Panel

Assistant Quality Controller

  Questions Answers
51 Sugar cane growers of a region sell their whole produce to a single sugar factory, such situation is called? Monopsony
52 The cause of ‘Black-heart’ in Potato is? Oxygen deficiency
53 Sunflower acts as an indicator plant to diagnose the deficiency of which element? Boron
54 ‘Shyamali’ is the variety of? Jute
55 Which state has maximum area under drip system? Maharashtra
56 The row-to-row distance in Guava should be? 6 meters
57 Vivipary problem is more acute in which pulse crop? Green gram
58 Contribution of State Govt. in the capital share of Regional Rural Bank is? 15%
59 Ammonium sulphate is? Straight fertilizer
60 First Irrigation Commission in India was formed in the year? 1901
61 The crop known as ‘Camel-crop’ is? Sorghum
62 A farmer having less than 1.0 hectare of land will be grouped under? Marginal
63 To calculate rotational intensity of a farm, the correct formula is? (Total crops in rotation / Years of rotation) x 100
64 Degreening of banana is done by? Ethylene
65 The delinting of cotton seeds is done with? Sulphuric acid
66 Which among the following is not a monocotyledon crop? Gram
67 Which of the following is not a “C4” plant? Barley
68 Which of the following is not a sedimentary rock? Marble
69 Which of the following is not a Zn deficiency? Dieback of fruits
70 Which is not a type of farming? Collective farming
71 Which of the following two crops are responsible for 75% production of pulses in India? Chickpea and Pigeonpea
72 Which of the following is an example of companion cropping? Sugar cane + Potato
73 Which of the following materials is used for reclaiming the alkalinity of the soil? Gypsum
74 Which of the following agro-climatic regions is falls in Madhya Pradesh?( Western Plateau and Hills zone
75 Which of the following bacteria is aerobic and non-symbiotic? Azotobacter

Assistant Quality Controller

  Questions Answers
76 Which of the following nutrients plays a most effective role in controlling the rate of transpiration? Potassium
77 Which of the following soil groups covers the largest area in Madhya Pradesh? Black cotton soil
78 Oil and protein contents in groundnut are?( 45% and 26%
79 Stale seedbed is which type of method of weed control? Agronomical
80 Pyrilla insect damages the crop of? Sugarcane
81 The most effective herbicide used for controlling the broad leaves weed in wheat crop is? 2-4 D
82 The most common method of budding is? ‘T’ budding
83 “Pant Uphar” is a variety of? Green pea
84 Cotton seed in cotton plant is? 65-70%
85 Non-essential but useful elements for plants would be? Vanadium and sodium
86 Jassid is a vector responsible for which disease of paddy? Tungro
87 Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya was established in the year? 1964
88 “Ufra disease” mainly occurs in which crop?( Paddy
89 To prepare 250 ppm solution of urea, how much quantity of urea will be dissolved in 10 lakh microlitre of water? 250 mg
90 Among the following which one is not a Bio-pesticide? Cow urine
91 Seed rate of rice in SRI method is? 5-6 kg/hectare
92 Ratio of Cotton and Pigeon pea in intercropping system is? 6 : 1
93 Essentiality of which element was established by Broyer et al? Chlorine
94 The holes at the base of Sorghum peduncle are due to? Chilo partellus
95 In India, mechanization index is highest for which crop? Wheat
96 Optimum temperature for soil microorganisms is? 25-30C
97 Optimum temperature for sugarcane growth should be? 35-40C
98 Optimum time of Grape pruning is? January
99 Wind speed is measured by? Anaemometer
100 Sencor is the technical name of which herbicide? Metribuzin

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