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Animal Husbandry one liners Questions (4)

Animal Husbandry one liners Questions & Answers

Animal husbandry and Dairy science

Animal Husbandry one liners

Subject:- Animal Husbandry
Special 30 One Liner Questions
1On an average every cow or buffalo produces how much kg dungs.?10-20kg
2Calving interval in cows should not be more than?16-17 months
3Total cattle population in India? ( crore
4India’s rank in Buffalo population in world?1st
5Gestation period of cow?281 days
6In cows first ring on horn appears at the age of?3 years
7Gestation period of Buffalo?310 days
8Dairy cow with “Very Good” grade scores _____ points in judging score card ?85-90
9Which is the highest milk fat producer buffalo breed is?Bhadawari
10Zoological name of Buffalo is?Bos Bubalis
11Yellow colour of cow milk is due to the presence of?Carotene
12Cattle belong to the phylum?Chordata
13Best method of age determination in Cattle is?Dental formula
14Best dual purpose breed of cow?Harianvi
15Holstein friesian native from?Holland

Animal Husbandry one liners

16Which is the heaviest breed of cow is?Kankrej
17Dual purpose breeds of cow is?Kankrej
18The ‘Sawai chal’ is the particular character of?Kankrej Bull
19The optimum time to inseminate a cow during estrous is?Mild estrous
20Colostrum is given to:?New born calves only
21In young bull, deficiency of Vitamin-A may lead to?Night blindness
22Which breed of buffalo is famous by name ‘Panchkalyani’ is?Niliravi
23In which direction cattle shed should be?North to South
24The formula of determination of age by rings on horns is?Number of rings + 2
25Which part of ruminant stomach contains 100 folds from inside called as laminae?Omasum
26Mating among unrelated pure breed animals within the breed is called?Out crossing
27Highest and sweetest milk producing breed of cow? Sahiwal
28By Score card method maximum number is given on?Udder development
29Adult old cattle provide better manure than? young one
30At NDRI-Karnal ‘Garima’ a cloned buffalo calf was born on?February, 6, 2009


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Updated: 2021-02-17 — 3:15 pm

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