Animal Husbandry one liners Questions 74

Animal Husbandry one liners Questions & Answers

Animal Husbandry one linersAnimal Husbandry one liners

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1 How much space is required for egg poultry is? 2sq.ft
2 Starter feed contains maximum of?( Protein
3 Most dangerous disease of chicken is? Ranikhet
4 Which disease spread through virus in cattle is? Foot and Mouth disease
5 Anthrax is caused by? Bacteria
6 Severe bloat is removed by tools? Trocar cannula
7 Which is the best method of milking? Full hand method
8 What is the boiling point of milk (in Celsius) is? >100
9 Which factors affects the composition of milk is? Species
10 Which harmon helps in let down of milk? Oxytocin
11 Milk sugar is also known by the name of?( Lactose
12 What is the percentage of water in buffalo milk is? 83
13 What percent of total solids present in cow milk? 13
14 Specific gravity of milk is measured by? Lactometer
15 What is the maximum fat percent in ghee is? 99%

Animal Husbandry one liners

Questions Answers
16 SNF % in full cream milk is? 9
17 Milk is converted into dahi due to? Lactobaccilus
18 Churning is done for?


Cream making
19 Temperature of UHT(Ultra High Temperature) is? 135*C
20 Maximum milk producing state in India is? Uttar Pradesh
21 Fat content in khoa made from Cow’s milk is? 25.7%
22 Dual purpose breeds of cow is? Kankrej
23 “Kendriya Gram Yojana” is related to? Artificial insemination
24 Fat percentage found in butter is? 80.2%
25 Speed of Gerber centrifuge machine in fat test is? 3000 rpm
26 Anthrax is also called as? Splenic fever
27 Most chickens breeds have how many number of toes on each foot? Four
28 Bikaneri is the breed of?( Sheep
29 Which  state has largest number of poultry? Andhra Pradesh
30 Common chemical used for dehorning? Caustic potash or caustic soda

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