Animal Agriculture One Liner Questions 73

Animal Agriculture Questions & Answers

Animal Agriculture For All Agricultural Exams

Questions Answers
1 The only source of animal protein in vegetarian diet is? Milk
2 What is the total Livestock population in India is? 512 million
3 Per capita availability of milk in India is? 355 gram current
4 Which is the heaviest breed of cow is?


5 Which is the highest milk fat producer buffalo breed is? Bhadawari
6 Which breed of buffalo is famous by name ‘Panchkalyani’ is? Niliravi
7 In young bull, deficiency of Vitamin-A may lead to? Night blindness
8 pH of excellent Silage is? 3.5 to 4.2
9 What percent of dry matter present in wheat bhusa is? 90%
10 In cows first ring on horn appears at the age of? 3 years
11 Best method of age determination in Cattle is? Dental formula
12 By Score card method maximum number is given on? Udder development
13 Maximum egg producing breed of poultry is? Whit leghorn
14 Calf starter must contain?( 20-23% DCP & 70-75%TDN
15 Egg producing bird is called as? Layer

Animal Agriculture

Questions Answers
16 The life span of goat is? 12 years
17 The buck is best for stud (प्रजनन) purpose at? 2.5 years
18 In goats, time of matting or insemination after onset of heat is? 10-12 hrs
19 Sheep breed reared only for meat production is? Nellore
20 The Pashmina is obtained from? Chegu
21 Naked neck is?( Indian chicken breed
22 Which breed is for game purpose? Aseel
23 What is the body temperature of hen? 1070F
24 Calving interval in cows should not be more than? 16-17 months
25 Which medicine is used for naval treatment? Tincture Iodine
26 In which direction cattle shed should be? North to South
27 Inbreeding or line breeding decreases? Variation
28 Crossbreeding increases?( Production
Hybrid vigour
Body weight
29 Mating among unrelated pure breed animals within the breed is called? Out crossing
30 In order to keep female calves growing Properly we must separate bull calves at? 6 months age

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