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Agronomy Daily MCQ – 91

Agronomy Daily MCQ – 91

Agronomy Daily MCQ

MCQ on

Agronomy Daily MCQ Study

Q1.Which of the following weeds belong to family graminae?

  • Cyperous rotandus
  • Brassica sinensis
  • Argomone mexicana
  • Sorghum helepense

Sorghum helepense


Q2.Which of the following weed plants population help soil nitrogen buildup?

  • Leucus aspera
  • Melilotus indica
  • Cynodon dectylon
  • Lantana camera

Melilotus indica


Q3.Which of the folowing weeds belong to family Solanacae?

  • Celosia sp.
  • Solanmum xanthocarpum
  • Sachhrum munja
  • Lolium rigidem

Solanmum xanthocarpum


Q4.Weed of no use to farmers under any circumstances?

  • Crop associated weed
  • Noxious weed
  • Facultative weed
  • Parastitic weed

Parastitic weed


Q5.Paraquat is what type of herbicide?

  • Selective
  • Non-selective
  • Organic
  • Systemic


Q6.Weed which has medicinal value?/खरपतवार जिसका औषधीय महत्व है?

  • Chenopodium album
  • Sorghum helepense
  • Tephrosia purpurea
  • None of these

Tephrosia purpurea


Q7.Which is the critical period of weed-crop competition in Kharif pulses?

  • Sowing to 15 days stage
  • 15-30 days stage
  • 30-45 days stage
  • 45-60 days stage

15-30 days stage


Q8.Cyperus rotundtus is propagated by?

  • Stolans
  • Bulb
  • Tubers
  • Seed



Q9.Which is an example of alien weed……?

  • Chenopodium album
  • Parthenium hysterophorosis
  • None of these
  • Both of these

Both of these


Q10.Long persistant herbicide is?

  • Paraquat
  • Pendimethalin
  • 2,4-D
  • Glyphosate


Agronomy Daily MCQ – 91

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Updated: 2022-05-28 — 11:51 pm

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