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Agronomy Important Table Part-1

Agronomy Important Table

 Agronomy Important Table Part-1

Subject:- Agronomy

1.Special Purpose Crops

Truck cropsPotato, Onion
Cover cropsGroundnut, Methi
Nurse cropsSannhemp in Sugarcane, Guar in Suran(Elephant yam.)
Silage cropsMaize, Sorghum
Catch cropsToria, Sunflower, Radish, Semi-rabi Sesame.
Soiling cropBerseem
Pasture cropsZinzvo
Row cropCotton
Support cropsCastor, Shevri
Mixed cropsCowpea, Tur
Companion cropMaize in Cowpea
Inter cropJowar in Fruit crop
Green manure cropsSunnhemp, Cluster bean
Trap cropsFrench marigold around Tobacco, Castor around Sugarcane
Cash cropsCotton, Sugarcane, Castor

2.Optimum Temperature and Water Requirement of Crops

CropOptimum temperature (°C)Water requirement (mm)

3.Critical stage & IW/CPE ratio of different crops

Climatologically approach or IW/CPE approach:-

  • Known as soil moisture index approach.
  • The ratio IW/CPE serve as soil moisture stress index.
  • Lower the ratio will be more stress.
  • It is scientific approach but not practical utility.

Critical stage approach:-The stage of growth when plants are most sensitive to shortage of water and most responsive to correction of deficiency

CropsCritical stageIW/CPE ratio
RiceBooting, Panicle initiation, flowering1.2 (Highest)
WheatC.R.I, jointing, milking0.9
MaizeTasseling, silking0.9
CottonFlowering, boll formation0.7
GramPre-flowering, pod development0.6
GroundnutFlowering, Pegging, pod filling0.6
Pigeon peaFlower initiation, pod formation0.6
SafflowerFlower initiation0.4 (Lowest)

4.Water use efficiency (WUE):-

  • It is the yield of a marketable crop produced per unit of water used in evapo-transpiration. OR
  • WUE- the dry matter produced per unit of water used and it expressed as kg/ha-mm

Water use efficiency are of two types:-

i. Crop water use efficiency:- It is the ratio of crop yield (y) to the amount of water depleted by the crop in the process of evapo-transpiration (ET).
WUE (Crop)=Y/ET

ii. Field water use efficiency:- It is the ratio of crop yield (y) to the total amount of water used in the field (WR).
WUE (Field)=Y/WR

Water use efficiency of major field crops:-

CropsWUE (kg/ha mm)
Finger millet13.4
Pearl millet, Maize8.0

5.Classification of Crops According To Root Depth, Rooting Characteristic:-

Shallow rootedModerately deep rootedDeep rootedVery Deep rooted
OnionChilliSugar beetSafflower

6.Plants and their conditions

HalophytesPlants prefer saline conditions
SciophytesPlants prefer shady condition
Lithophytes Plants grows on rock surface
PsammophytesPlant prefer sandy soils
CalciphytesPlant requires large quantity of Ca
XerophytesPlant grow under desert condition
AcidophilesPlant grow well under acidic condition
HydrophytesWater loving plants

Agronomy Important Table

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Updated: 2020-03-20 — 11:57 pm


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