Agronomy Exam 30 One Liner Questions (108)

Agronomy Exam One Liner

Agriculture Question & Answer Agronomy Exam One Liner

Agronomy Exam Daily 30 One Liner Questions

Question Answer
Agriculture word is derived from? Latin word (agri+culture)
The seed of succeeding crops is sown broadcast at 10 to 15 days before harvesting rice crop?  Paira/Utera Crops
Crops, those are grown to protect the main cash crop from a certain pest or several pests?
Trap Crops
When both main and intercrop is benefited to each other?
Complementary Crops
Crop between the main crop called as? Inter crop
Peira cropping is mostly adopted in? Bihar & West Bengal
Utera cropping is mostly adopted in.?
Madhya Pradesh
Optimum time of sowing for Kharif crop June-July
Cultivation of crops in areas where annual rainfall is less than 750mm is called as?
Dry farming
Sucrose content in cane is ? 13-14 %
 Sugar from juice is ?
Harvest index of arhar is?
19 %
Shelling % of Pea is?
Cultivation of such crops which have different natural habit and zero competition is known as?
Parallel cropping
Farming which includes crop production and live stock?
Mixed farming

Agronomy Exam One Liner

Question Answer
Weight of 100 seeds is known as?
Seed Index
Weight of 1000 seeds is known as?
Test weight
Most frost effected crop?
Such crops are grown to conserve the soil moisture through their ground covering foliage?
Mulch Crops
The farming system used to develop at the Mars according to the Earth’s environment is called?
Terra farming
Object of sustainable Agriculture is? Ecological balance
A system of growing the same crop on the same land year after year is known as?
Mono cropping
Cropping intensity will be always 100% in?
 Mono cropping
When annual rainfall is lessthan 75% of normal the situation will be called as?
If deficiency of rainfall is above 50% of the normal the situation will be called as?
Severe drought
Cultivation of crops in areas where annual rainfall is morethan 750mm. but less than 1150 mm is called as?
Dry land farming
Means cultivation of crops in regions where annual rainfall is more than 1150 mm is called as? Rain fed Farming
The pattern of planting has maximum plant population?
Cubodial pattern
Jhum cultivation mostly found in?
Eastern part of India
Demerit of shifting cultivation is?
Soil loss

Agronomy Exam One liner

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