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Agronomy Daily MCQ – 35

Agronomy Daily MCQ – 35

Agronomy Daily MCQ

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Agronomy Daily MCQ Study


Agriexam Daily Quiz


Q.1: Dapog method of raising nursery of rice has been introduced in India from?

  1. Indonesia
  2. Taiwan
  3. Philippines
  4. Israel

Answer: 3

Q.2: Dead heart and white head damage to rice is caused by?

  1. Leaf roller
  2. Gall midge
  3. Stem borer
  4. Army worm

Answer: 3

Q.3: Decomposition of organic matter in submerged soil is carried out by?

  1. Actinomycetes
  2. Bacteria
  3. Fungi
  4. Earthworm

Answer: 2

Q.4: Delinting of cotton seed may be done with?

  1. Sulphuric acid
  2. Citric acid
  3. Nitric acid
  4. Hydrochloric acid

Answer: 1

Q.5: Directorate of Wheat Research (DWR) is located at?

  1. New Delhi
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Bikaner
  4. Karnal

Answer: 4

Q.6: Dolomite is?

  1. MgSO4
  2. CaCO3
  3. MgCO3CaCO3
  4. Ca(OH)2

Answer: 3

Q.7: Dropsy disease in human beings is caused by which weed?

  1. Pluchea lanceolata
  2. Argemone mexicana
  3. Digera arvensis
  4. Convolvulus arvensis

Answer: 2

Q.8: Due to a wide C: N ratio, application of bulky organic manures like paddy straw will lead to?

  1. Greater supply of available N due to quick deposition
  2. Gaseous loss of N by increased microbial activity in the soil
  3. Immobilisation of soil N
  4. More loss of N by leaching as it is not organically bound

Answer: 3

Q.9: During germination radical and plumule develop from?

  1. Embryo
  2. Endosperm
  3. Hilum
  4. Seed coat

Answer: 1

Q.10: Dwarf Wheat (Mexican) is introduced in India by?

  1. Dr. NE Borlaug
  2. Dr. MS Swaminathan
  3. Dr. Subramanian
  4. Dr. BP Pal

Answer: 1

Agronomy Daily MCQ – 35

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