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Agronomy Important Material Table- 5

Agronomy Important Material

Agronomy Important Material

Subject:- Agronomy

Agronomy Important Study Point


CropPlant population/ha
Transplanted Rice5,00,000
Hybrid rice3,33,333
SRI method1,16,000
Moong, Urd2,50,000
Desi Cotton5,55,000
Hybrid Cotton13,388
BT Cotton10,000
Pea, Cowpea, Til, Sunhemp, French bean3,33,000
Potato1,00,000 & 6,67,000
Til, Soybean, Kodo4,44,444

 2.Time of sowing of different Crop 

CropTime of sowing
Aus Rice May – June
Aman Rice June – July
Boro Rice Nov- Dec.
Irrigate WheatFirst week of November.
Unirrigated WheatFrom Second fortnight of October to First week of November
Normal Barley15th Oct. to – 15th November
IrrigatedSecond week of November
Unirrigated15th – 30th October
Irrigated MaizeFrom last week of May to Last week of June
Normal MaizeMid June to last week of june
Unirrigated MaizeAfter Monsoon
SorghumJune-July (After Monsoon)
Pearl-milletJune-July (Mostly 15 July)/ After Monsoon
GramSecond week of October/ First fortnight of
October/ 15th October
Irrigated Arhar1 – 15 June
Rain-fed ArharFrom last week of June to First week of July/After
kharif Moong15 June to 15 July
Spring Season/Zaid Moong15 Feb to 15 March
Kharif Urd15 June to 15 July
Spring Season/Zaid Urd15th Feb to 15 March
Field peaSecond fortnight of October
Garden PeaFirst fortnight of November
Mustard SppMid October to Mid November
LinseedFrom First week October to First week of November
Kharif Soybean23 June to 7 July
Spring Soybean15th Feb to 15th March
CottonFirst fortnight of May
Autumn SugarcaneSeptember to October
Spring SugarcaneFebruary to Match
Groundnutlast week June to First week July

 3.Growth stages of cereals in relation to irrigation 

Growth stagesDefinition
GerminationThe appearance of radicle
FilletingThe formation of tillers
JointingThe stage when two nodes be seen i.e., beginning of shooting
ShootingThe stage of elongation of internodes
BootingEnd of shooting stage and just prior to the emergence of ears
HeadingEmergence of ear head from the tube formed by the leaf sheath
FloweringThe opening of flowers
Grain formationThe period of grain development from fertilization to maturity

 4.Important Irrigation Projects in India 

State Project name
Andhra PradeshGodavari delta system, Krishna delta system, Nagarjuna sagar (Krishna)
PunjabWestern Jamuna, Bhakranangal, Sutlej, Beas
GujaratKakrapare–Tapti Narmada
Madhya Pradesh Gandhi sagar (Chambal, Ranap setab, Sagar)
MaharashtraBhima Jayakwadi (Godavari)
KeralaKalada, Mullai Periyar
KarnatakaGhataprabha, Malaprapha and Turga
OrissaHirkund and Mahanadi
Uttar PradeshUpper ganga canal, Ramaganga
West BengalDamodar Valley
RajasthanRajasthan Canal (Sutlej)
Tamil NaduMettur–Lower Bhavani Project, Parambikulam Alliyar Project,  Periyar Vaigai, Cauvery delta, Tamirabarani river basins.

 5.Suitable soil Climate Require for Crops 

CropSuitable soil Climate
PaddyClay or clay loam(hot and humid) tropical
WheatClay loam and loam Cool ( temperate)
BarleySalineCool ( temperate)
MaizeLoam Warm weather (tropical)
SorghumLoam Warm weather (tropical)
Pearl milletLoam and sandy loamWarm weather (tropical)
GramSandy Loam / TilthyCool ( temperate)
ArharLoam Hot (tropical)
Moong & UrdLight Loam.Hot and humid (tropical)
PeaSandy loamCool ( temperate)
GroundnutLoamy and Sandy loamTropical
Mustard speciesLoamy and Sandy loam Cool and dry temperate
LinseedLoam Cool Frost temperature
SoybeanLoamHot and humid (tropical)
CottonBlack Cotton SoilTropical
Sugar caneClay loamTropical
KakunRed loamTropical
SunflowerBlack Cotton SoilTropical

Agronomy Important Material Table- 5

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