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Agro (Agronomy) Agronomy One Liner-3

Agro (Agronomy) Questions & Answers       

Agronomy Exam One Liner
Agronomy For All Agricultural Exams

Agronomy One Liner Questions

Subject:- Agronomy
Special 30 One Liner Questions
1Cereals are usually deficient in?Lysine
2Beany flavour in soybean is associated with?Lipoxygenase Oxidase enzyme
3Sugarcane sowing in trench method to prevent?Lodging
4Cuscuta is associated with?Lucern
5legumes are deficient in?Methionine
6System of Rice Intensification (SRI) system of paddy was developed first at?Madagascar
7African Tall’ is a variety of?Maize
8Best crop for making silage is?Maize
9Hatch and slack pathway is found in?Maize
10Maximum productivity among cereals?Maize
11QPM is related to?Maize
12The maximum yield potential of crop in the world?Maize
13What is sown by Corn Planter?Maize
14Which crop known as backbone of America?Maize
15Which crop known as Gold of America?Maize

Agro (Agronomy)

16Which plant have C4 pathway of photosynthesis?Maize
17First All India Co-ordinated Research Project (AICRP)?Maize (1957)
18In Maize(C4) the first product formed during photosynthesis is?Oxalo Acetic acid (OAA)
19Sowing time of Aus/Autumn rice?March – April
20Sowing time of Aman rice?May – June
21Sowing time of Boro rice?December – January
22The gas that generally emits from the rice field is?Methane
23Centre for improvement of maize and wheat (CIMMYT) is situated in?Mexico
24Origin of maize is?Mexico
25In sugarcane, taking of ratoon crop is advisable only?Once
26Power tiller is most suitable for the cultivation of?Paddy
27The seed of succeeding crops is sown broadcast at 10 to 15 days before harvesting rice crop? Paira/Utera Crops
28World’s first superfine grain aromatic rice hybrid is?Pusa-RH 10
29Most destructive discase of sugarcane is?Red rot of sugarcane
30Highest number of irrigation is applied in?Rice
31Hot and humid climate?Rice

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