Agro (Agronomy) One Liner Questions 77

Agro (Agronomy) Questions & Answers

Agro (Agronomy)Agronomy For All Agricultural Exams
Questions Answers
1 Water content of apical portion of roots and shoots is? >90%
2 Majority of rainfall in India is contributed by?
South west monsoon
3 The methods adopted to measure the evapotranspiration is? Lysimeter experiment
4 Check basin method of irrigation is also known as? Beds and channel method
5 Which method of irrigation is suitable for orchard crops? Ring basin method
6 Average rate of application of water to crop is called as? Precipitation intensity
7 Water spread area of a sprinkler is given by equation? R= 1.35√dh
8 In flaccid cell, the pressure potential is? Zero
9 Which are helps plant in reducing epidermal transpiration? Cutin and Cuticle
10 Which bacterium is responsible for denitrification in N2 cycle? Bacillus subtilis
11 To explain ascent of sap in plants, Sir J.C.Bose(1923) proposed? Vital theory
12 What is the effect of atmospheric pressure on transpiration? It increase slowly
13 Maximum density of water is at? 4C
14 Water absorption through roots increases when?
Transpiration increases
15 South western monsoon crops are also knows as? Kharif

Agro (Agronomy)

Questions Answers
16 Which is the frost tolerant crop ? Sugar beet
17 Which is very long duration crop (above 150 days) ? Sugarcane and Sunflower
18 Crop plants which protect soil surface from erosion are called as? Cover crops
19 Those crop plants which help to protect and prevent another crop from trespassing are called as ? Barrier crops
20 How many principles are there for plant distribution ? 8
21 Red soil is best for the cultivation of ?
Red gram
22 Injury caused by high temperature on the sides of bark is known as ? Sun sclad
23 For which are high relative humidity is harmful ? Sunflower & Tobacco
24 Grain filling at high humidity results in ? Reduced crop yield
25 Which of the following is not a Heliophyte ? Turmeric
26 The response of plants to the relative length of day and night is known as ? Photoperiodism
27 By which method,Traditional crop management is practiced ?
Ploughing Seed
Monsoon sowing
28 In —- erosion resistance crops and erosion permitting crops are grown in alternate strips ? Strip cropping
29 The growth rate is highest in ? Red light
30 Which is a natural growth regulator ? Ethylene

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