Agriculture Subject One Liner Questions 103

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 Agriculture Subject Agriculture STUDY for icar jrf, nabard, afo, supervisorAgriculture Subject 30 One Liner Questions

Agriculture Subject

Questions Answers
1 The ‘Sawai chal’ is the particular character of?
Kankrej Bull
2 Which is the oldest method of feeding the chicks, broilers and layers? Whole grain feeding
3 How is fertilizer quality controlled in India? Fertilizer Control Order
4 Insects are included in the phylum? Arthopoda
5 What is the range of soil pH? 0-14
6 Rural cooperative credit societies in India were organized based on the which model? Raiffeisen
7 Who gave the ‘Weende method of feed analysis? Stohman and Hennberg
8 Papaya is commercially propagated by? Seed
9 Banana is commercially propagated by?
10 Girdling is most common in? Grape
11 Balanagar is a variety of? Custard apple
12 Water infiltration is more rapid in which of soils? Sandy soils
13 Close planting of tall growing trees all around the orchard is called as:? Wind break
14 Grape is a? non climacteric
15 Which are plants with woody stems which are smaller than trees but bigger than herbaceous plants ? Shrub

Agriculture Subject

Questions Answers
16 Mung contains nearly ______of proteins?
17 The artificial application of water into soil to supplement rainfall for crop production.? Irrigation

18 A mineral that forms an original component of rock is called as? Primary mineral
19 Soils in India are formed in depressions under submerged condition? Peaty and marshy
20 Black pepper is known as .? king of spices
21 physical condition of the soil resulting from the tillage.? Tilth
22 An apex organization of marketing cooperatives for agricultural produce in India? NAFED
23 Which Prime Minister launched India’s first television dedicated to farmers, DD Kisan? Narendra Modi
24 Which nutrients are immobile in plants? Ca and B
25 Which are the primary soil particles? Clay, silt, sand
26 Which soil has the maximum nutrient holding capacity? Clay soil
27 Which  nutrient imparts disease resistance to crops? K
28 Late blight of potato is caused by?
Phytopthora infestans
29 Which  is the first fertilizer produced in India? Single super phosphate
30 Groundnut faces a serious problem of aflatoxin which is caused by? Aspergillus flavous

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