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Questions Answers
1 Which fruit is known as fruit of New world fruit ?
2 Agricultural technology management agency (ATMA) was started in the year ? 2005
3 Which fruit is a rich source of fat ?
4 National Horticulture Mission(NHM) was launched for Holistic development of Horticulture sector during ?
5 Single seeded Cucurbit is ?
Chow Chow
6 Regional laboratory of TFRI is located at ? Jabalpur
7 “Round table discussion” is also known as ? Panel
8 The readily absorbed water and available to the plants is ? Capillary water
9 For one talk how many flash card should be used ? 10-12
10 First irrigation commission in India was formed in the year ? 1901
11 Levy price applies to ?
12 Growth regulator isolated from “Yam” is ? Batasin
13 Bunchy top of Banana disease entered in India from which country ? Sri Lanka
14 Crop that are shown before the monsoon are known as ? Zaid
15 “Central Food Technology Research Institute” is located at ? Mysore

Agriculture Site

Questions  Answers
16 The main function of the nutrient copper in the plant is ?
Electron Carriers
17 Which crop is used as beverage crop? Tea
18 Which cultural activity is useful for destruction of soil structure ? Puddling
19 One of the most prominent crop of the dryland farming in Rajasthan is ? Moth Bean
20 Sun loving plants are termed as ? Haliophytes
21 Starch and sugar together are name as ? Carbohydrates
22 The main function of the nutrient Phosphorus in the plant is ? Energy transfer
23 Plants that grow under the average condition of temperature and moisture are called as  ? Mesophytes
24 The gas is used for Artificial ripening of green fruits is? Acetylene
25 Green manure cum fiber cum minor fodder crop is? Sun-hemp
26 Market guided by rules and regulations is called? Regulated Market
27 Which material is applied , Potassium(K) availability in the soil is decreased ? Lime
28 An example of pressurized irrigation method is ?
29 Which plant have C4 pathway of photosynthesis ? Maize
30 The individual crop which is a part of a cropping system are called as ? Inter-crop

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