Agriculture Question One Liner Questions (116)

Agriculture Question One Liner

Agriculture Question & Answer Agriculture Question One Liner Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture 30 One Liner Question

Agriculture Question One Liner

Question Answer
Kharif crops requires?
Shorter day length
Generally rabi crops are?
Long day plants
Long day plants require day length?
> 14 hrs
The botanical name of tobacco is
Nicotiana tabacum
The sites of Vernalisation
Apical buds/Growing point
The temperature at which highest percentage of seed germination occurs in short period of time
Optimum temperature
Ca is essential for
Cell wall formation
The region of plants in which food to be translocated originates
Cytokinin is mainly synthesized in
Root tips
PGR related to drought tolerance and stress hardness in plants
Abscisic acid
The physiological response of plants in relation to length of light
Short day plants require day length
<10 hrs
For germination, seed depends on external source for supply of
The region of plants in which translocated food is utilized or immobilized
Concentration of a nutrient in plant tissue where growth of the plant is slowed down
Critical concentration

Agriculture Question One Liner

Question Answer
Nicotiana tabacum is growing for the purpose of
Smoking and chewing
Nicotiana rustica is growing for the purpose of
Hookah, chewing and snuff
Mutant varieties of tobacco are
Jayashri, Bhavya
Most critical stages for irrigation of tobacco is
As a source of N, potato crop require fertilizer of
Potassium nitrate
Desuckering of tobacco is done by
Melaic Hydracids (2%)
Priming method of harvesting is popular in
Cigarette, Wrapper and Chewing type
Flue curing is done for
Cigarette tobacco
Fire curing is done for
Bidi, Snuff, Chewing, Hookah tobacco
The types of stomata mostly present on lower surface of leaves
Potato type
Stomata that is present on only under surface of leaf? 
Apple and Mulberry type
The P is available at?
6-7 pH
Nicotine content accumulates in which part of tobacco? 
Yellow leaves of tea occur due to the deficiency of?  
Die back of shoots occur due to deficiency of? 

Agriculture Question One Liner

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