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Agriculture Question Bank Agri Economics One Liner Questions (4)

Agriculture Question Bank ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,AAO,Agriculture supervisor, National seed Corporation and Others Competitive Exam

Agriculture Question Bank Agri Economics One Liner Questions (4)

Agriculture Question Bank

Subject:- Agriculture Economics
Special 30 One Liner Questions
1A rise in general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time is called?Inflation
2An erosion in the purchasing power of money is known as?Inflation
3The profit earned by a Monopoly firm is called as?Innovation profit
4Return on saving is called as? Interest
5Gross income-Total expenses is equal to?Net income
6Possession of livestock is? intermediate asset
7Intelligence, skill and ability are example of?Internal goods
8A market in which buyers and sellers are drawn from the whole world is called as?International market
9Change in capital stock is called as? Investment
10First stage of production function is known as?Irrational
11Time Principle Theory of Interest? Irving Fisher
12Indifference curve is also known as? Iso utility curve
13All possible combination of two inputs which can be purchased with a given amount of fund referred as?Iso-cost line
14Production possibility curve is also known as? isofactor curve
15When several goods are demanded together for a common purpose it is called?Joint demand

Agriculture Question Bank

16Example for Non-transferable external personal good? Friendship
17Standard money is also referred to as? Full bodied money
18WTO-World Trade Organization is located at?Geneva (Switzerland)
19The birth place of Co-operative Credit Movement in the world is in?Germany
20The time gap between investment and return is?Gestation period
21Ratio between nominal GNP and real GNP is called?GNP Deflator
22Anything that can satisfy human wants are called?Goods
23Farm business income is? GR-cost A1
24Giffen goods are viewed from the angle of? Income
25National income generated by agriculture is calculated by?Income and output method
26The various quantities of goods purchased by the consumer at various levels of income is referred to as?Income demand
27The measure of responsiveness of demand to change in income of as?Income elasticity
28The percentage expenditure on luxurious commodities increases as?Income increases
29Macro economics also known as? Income Theory
30By devaluation of rupees, exports will?Increase


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Updated: 2021-03-23 — 2:39 pm


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