Agriculture Process one liner questions 85

Agriculture Process Questions & Answer

Agriculture ProcessAgriculture Process

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Questions Answers
1 Which  fruit crop is only propagated through seed? Papaya
2 Which is a seedless variety of mango? Sindhu
3 Seedless in banana is due to?
Vegetative Parthenocarpy
4 Which is an example of dioecious crop? Papaya
5 Lalit is an improved variety of? Guava
6 NPK are regarded in plant nutrition as? Macro nutrient
7 The sensitive stage to moisture stress in sorghum is? Grain filling
8 Sweet orange belongs to the family of? Rutaceae
9 The most popular method for mango planting is? Square
10 Government introduced crop insurance scheme for ? Drought risk
11 Fruits and vegetables are rich source of vitamins and minerals and they are called as? Protective food
12 Blossom end rot in tomato is due to deficiency of ? Calcium
13 Lalbagh Garden is situated at ? Bangalore
14 The arrangement of soil particles is referred to as ? Soil structure
15 What is the percentage of nitrogen in urea ?

Agriculture Process

Questions Answers
16 What is the organic matter content of soil ? 5%
17 What is the main component of survey field book ?
Measurements and descriptions
18 What is the use of a compass which is used in surveying? Measure the direction of a line
19 What is the total number of soil orders ? Twelve
20 Carrot is a ____ pollinated vegetable. ? Cross
21 Oil palm is mainly propagated by ? Seed
22 Which tillage is also known as stubble mulch tillage ? Conservation tillage
23 Tongue grafting is a modified form of .? Whip grafting
24 Chrysanthemum is a ? Cross pollinated crop
25 The crops of different heights are grown in______ cropping system.? Multi storied
26 Growing of trees for timber along With crop is known as ? Agri-silviculture
27 Striga weed is associated with ? Sorghum
28 Sugarcane is a ? Short day plant
29 The capacity of soil to produce the yield is called as ? Soil productivity
30 Which soil structure is the best for plant growth ?
Granular and Crumb

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