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Agriculture One Liner Questions General Agriculture 39

Agriculture One Liner Questions

Agriculture One Liner Questions General Agriculture 39

Agriculture One Liner Questions

1State having highest area under summer maize is? Bihar
2Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences is published by?ICAR
3The element of nitrate reduction is the?Molybdenum
4Depth of water required by a crop is known as?Delta
5Area irrigated by one cusec discharge of water is?Duty
6AGMARK act was enforced in a year?1937
7The enzyme of nitrogen reduction is?Nitrogenase
8Fruit of okra is a? AgriExam.ComCapsule
9Fruit of rose is known as?Hips
10How many times a ratoon crop of sugarcane is advisable?One time
11Dormancy breaking hormone is?cytokinin
12Fruit ripening hormone is?Ethylene
13Water requirement of irrigation wetland rice is about?1500MM
14Crop canopy temperature is measured by?Infra red thermometer
15First insecticide discovered was?DDT

Agriculture One Liner Questions

16Grapes are generally dried in?Sun
17Pollination in fig is carried by?Fig wasp
18Kesar (saffron) belong to the family of?Iridiceae
19Fibre of cotton contains?Cellulose
20Bio fertilizer used in wheat is?Azatobacter
21Lock and Key Model was proposed by?Fisher
22Finest fruit of the world? AgriExam.ComMango Steen
23Kisan call cente begun in the year?2004
24Double century is the variety of?Coconut
25Anti – Sterility vitamin is?Vitamin E
26Hormone used as an herbicide?2, 4-D (>20 PPM)
27First Indian director of IARI was?Dr. B. Vishvanath.
28Vertical mulch is used in which type of soils?Black cotton soils.
29Root promoting hormones?IBA
30Flower setting hormone?NAA

Agriculture One Liner Questions

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