Agriculture One Liner Questions (107)

Agriculture One Liner Questions

Agriculture Question & Answer Agriculture One Liner Questions

Agriculture One Liner Questions

Question Answer
1 State having highest area under summer maize is? Bihar
2 Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences is published by? ICAR
3 The element of nitrate reduction is the? Molybdenum
4 Depth of water required by a crop is known as? Delta
5 Area irrigated by one cusec discharge of water is? Duty
6 AGMARK act was enforced in a year ? 1937
7 The enzyme of nitrogen reduction is? Nitrogenase
8 Fruit of okra is a? Capsule
9 Fruit of rose is known as? Hips
10 How many times a ratoon crop of sugarcane is advisable ? One time
11 Dormancy breaking hormone is? cytokinin
12 Fruit ripening hormone is ? Ethylene
13 Water requirement of irrigation wetland rice is about ? 1500MM
14 Crop canopy temperature is measured by ? Infra red thermometer
15 First insecticide discovered was ? DDT

Agriculture One Liner Questions

Question Answer
16 Grapes are generally dried in? Sun
17 Pollination in fig is carried by ? Fig wasp
18 Kesar (saffron) belong to the family of? Iridiceae
19 Fibre of cotton contains ? Cellulose
20 Bio fertilizer used in wheat is ? Azatobacter
21 Lock and Key Model was proposed by ? Fisher
22 Finest fruit of the world ? Mango Steen
23 Kisan call cente begun in the year ? 2004
24 Double century is the variety of? Coconut
25 Anti – Sterility vitamin is ? Vitamin E
26 Hormone used as an herbicide? 2, 4-D (>20 PPM)
27 First Indian director of IARI was? Dr. B. Vishvanath.
28 Vertical mulch is used in which type of soils ? Black cotton soils.
29 Root promoting hormones? IBA
30 Flower setting hormone? NAA
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