Agriculture Objective Question One Liner Questions 101

Agriculture Objective Question For ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,AAO,Agriculture supervisor, National seed Corporation and Others Competitive Exam

Agriculture Objective Question for Agriculture Exam National seed corporation , IFFCO, KRIBHCO, State PSC, Agriculture University
Agriculture Objective Question in One liner Form
  Questions  Answers
1 Nitrogen content in calcium Ammonium Nitrate ? 26%
2 Flex is a fibre of ?
3 Maximum edible oil is contributed by ? Groundnut
4 Argon was discovered by ? Arnon
5 Essentiality of Boron is postulated by ? Warrington
6 The main advantage of Nano fertilizer is ? High surface area
7 Which chemical control Aphids effectively ? Metasystox
8 In Remote Sensing which type of rays are used ? Infrared
9 Brinjal is a native of ? India
10 Pearcing and sucking type of mouth parts are present in ? Mosquitoes
11 The great Irish famine was happening in ? 1845
12 The severe form of water erosion is ? Gully
13 Monsoon is a word of  ? Arabic
14 The population variance can be calculated by ?
15 Nutrient that is mobile in plant but immobile in soil is ? P

Agriculture Objective Question
  Questions  Answers
16 Gypsum equivalent in iron sulphate is ? 1.42
17 Which crop takes nitrogen in Ammonia form ?
18 The carbohydrate translocation in germinating seed is due to ? Gibberellic Acid
19 The availability of zinc is decreased by the application of which element ? P
20 In organic matter contains the highest amount of ? Carbon
21 Afra disease Mainly occurs in Which crop ? Paddy
22 Intensive grossing is practised in which land capability class ? V (5th)
23 Which chemical is generally used for the safe storage of onion ? MH
24 Chromosome number of inguina tritici is ? 19
25 Calcium is needed for the synthesis of ? Cell wall
26 Which Soil area maximum in the India ? Alluvial soil
27 Respiration takes place only in presence of ? Oxygen
28 Pink bollworm is a common insect of ? Cotton
29 If the price of a commodity increases then its demand will ?
30 Which body responsible for development work at village level ? Gram Panchayat

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