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1 The observation recorded from open area of 2 meter of soil surface is called? Micro climate
2 Certified seed of cotton should have minimum germination of ? 60%
3 The cultivation practices based on GIS, GPS and RSS is called? Precision farming
4 Ratio of grain to stalk in pigeon pea is ?
5 Nicotin content in bidi tobacco is ? 1-2%
6 Growing two or more crops simultaneously with no distinct row arrangement is called? Mixed cropping
7 The science which deals with adult learning is ? Andrology
8 India occupies position in production of onion in world? Second
9 To separate mustard from wheat the recommended separator is? Spiral separator
10 The least effective vegetation for protecting the soil from erosion is? Grain crops
11 Farm ponds are designed based on consideration of?
Greater water depth and lesser open surface area
12 The counter cultivation is most effective on slope? 3-8%
13 Mango mealy bug is ? Drosicha spp
14 Modification of floral parts into leafy structures by pathogenic infection is called ? Phyllody
15 Measurement of sunlight intensity is expressed in? Lux units

Agriculture NET Exam

Questions Answers
16 NABARD act was passed in ?
17 Pilot seed crop insurance scheme was introduced from the Rabi season ? 1999-2000
18 Agriculture clinic and Agriculture business centres scheme was launched in the year ? 2002
19 Kisan Call Centre answering farmers queries during the time? 6a.m. to 10 p.m. 
(all 7days of week)
20 About 85% of the raw silk produced in India comes from ? Karnataka
21 Puppet show in village as a method for transfer of technology is an example of? Group media
22 Site useful for insertion of foreign DNA? Cleavage site
23 In tomatoes antifreeze gene has been transferred from? Fish
24 The process of differentiation of root and shoot from somatic embryos in culture medium is called? Organogenesis
25 A new variety which is to be registered under PVP Act is called? Candidate variety
26 Yellow vein mosaic of okra is caused by? Gemini virus
27 Ratooning is practiced as a matter of routine in ? Sugarcane and Napier grass
28 Tuberization in potato can be achieved by?  ABA
29 Credit taken for Land Development is Long term credit
30 longest area under drip irrigation in the world is in USA

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