Agriculture Machine Daily One Liner Questions-68

Agriculture Machine QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

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Agriculture Machine

Agriculture Machine

Farm Machinery
  Questions Answer
1 The average force that a bullock can exert is 1/10th of their?
Body weight
2 Northern Region arm Machinery Training and Testing Institute is located at? Hisar
3 The velocity required to operate wind mill is more than of? 10 km/hour
4 When ploughing one hectare of land once by bullocks having 15 cm. furrow width, has to walk about (km) is? 66
5 Tractor rotavator save time and energy (%) to the extent in heavy soil about? 30-35
6 Most of the farmers use threshers, which are operated by? 5-12 HP
7 Southern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing is located at? Anantapur (A.P.)
8 The width of landside is taken as one third of throat width of share of? Plough bottom
9 Which type of force acting on mould board plough are Draft, Side draft and? Vertical component
10 The width of cut of disc plough is given by? W=Dd/3
11 Central Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute is located at ? Sehore (M.P.)
12 The tractor drawn rotavator specially designed for Wetland cultivation in  ? Paddy crop
13 Which types of tynes are used in rotavator is  ? ‘L’ shaped
14 Harvesting and threshing consumes the total energy (%) for farming about ? 10-35 %
15 Under NFSM (National Food Security Mission) for Sprinkler set for pulses and wheat, its cost of ?
16 Northern Eastern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute is located at? Sonitpur (Assam)
17 The Gunter chain is 66 ft long and is devided into 100 links each of ? 0.66 ft.
18 The speed of the belt conveyor during the transportation of grains should not be more than? 10 to 13 m/s

Agriculture Machine

Questions Answers
19 Which seeding and fertilizer application equipment’s is developed by CCSHAU, Hisar ? Tractor drawn planter
20 Prototype of zero till fertilizer drill machine in India was first developed at  ? Pantnagar
21 Indigenous plough is? ( Multi-purpose tool
22 Central Institute for Agricultural Engineering (CIAE) is located at ? Bhopal
23 In disc plough the angle at which the plane of cutting edge of disc is inclined to the direction of travel is ? Tilt angle
24 The wind mill suitable for water falling is  ? Multiple blade type
25 The spike tooth harrows are used mainly for  ? Surface finishing
26 The term furrel is associated with ? Mower
27 A bullock drawn implement have Lower speed and lower . ? Working capacity
28 The top portion of turned furrow slice is ? Crown
29 The gang angle of disc harrow is adjusted in the range of  ? 0-30°
30 The seeding behind plough is done by device is known as ? Malobansa
31 The MB plough works on the principles of? ( Suction
32 Implement mostly used for intercultural operation is? Junior hoe
33 Renewable source of energy is  ? Inexhaustible
34 A wheel used or maintaining uniform depth of ploughing in different soil is? Gauge wheel
35 Central Soil and Water Conservation Research and Training Institute is located at  ? Dehradun

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  2. In question no. 23 and should be disc tilt angle inclined to vertical line

  3. In question no. 23 ans should be disc tilt angle inclined to vertical line

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