Agriculture General Knowledge One Liner Questions 84

Agriculture General Knowledge

Agriculture General KnowledgeFor All Agricultural Exams
Questions Answers
1 FPO stands for? 
Fruit Products Order (1955)
2 High acid food contains pH ? 3.5-4.5
3 Gluten is a ? Protein
4 Wheat flour contains starch to the extent of ? 70%
5 Beany flavour in soybean is associated with ? Lipoxygenase Oxidase enzyme
6 Soymilk contains total solids? 5-7 %?
7 Redness in Apple is due to ? Anthocyanin
8 Defence Food Research Laboratory is located at ? Mysore
9 Yellow coloured fruits and vegetables are rich source of? Vitamin A
10 Kinnow is basically a ? Mandarin
11 IPR stands for ?
Intellectual Property Rights
12 Browning in cauliflower is due to ? Boron deficiency
13 Pascal is a unit of ? Pressure
14 Unit of measurement of vacuum in SI system is ? Torrs
15 The percent of edible oil in rice bran is about ? 18.20
16 Gerber method is used for testing ? Fat
17 Yellow colour of cow milk is due to the presence of ? Carotene
18 Blue revolution is related to ? Fisheries
19 Edible portion of a mango fruit is its ? Mesocarp
20 Fruit type of tomato is? Berry
21 Geographical area of India in Mha is ? 328
22 The fruit crop which has the largest area under cultivation in India is? Mango
23 The largest producer and consumer of tea in the world is? India
24 The % fat content of double tonned milk is ? 1.5
25 The % moisture content of paneer is not less than ? 70

Agriculture General Knowledge

Questions Answers
26 Specific gravity of milk is? 1.028- 1.032
27 Curing of meat involves?
Rubbing with Sodium nitrate
28 Immunity caused by ? Lymphocytes
29 Shape of RBC is? Biconcave
30 the total milk proteins the casein % is about? 80-83
31 Developed bitterness of groundnut kernel is mainly due to? Aflatoxin
32 At its proper maturity the TSS of sugarcane juice (in °brix.) should be? 20-24
33 The protein which is essential for good bread quality and chapati making is  ? Gluten
(8) Nisin (C143 H230 N42 O-37 S7) is?
Food preservative
35 Worlds staple food grain is   ? Rice , Wheat , Maize
36 The paddy variety which is also known as Miracle rice of India is  ? Jaya
37 The gas that generally emits from the rice field is  ? Methane
38 Larma rojo and Sonara 64 are wheat varieties introduced in India from ? Mexico
39 Isoproturon is a? Selective systemic herbicide
40 Milk fever in lactating cow can be treated by injecting ? Calcium borogluconate
41 Edible banana fruit is seedless because of ? Vegetative parthenocarpy
42 Double tonned milk contains? 1.5%fat and 9.0% SNF
43 Yoghurt is produced by ?
Streptococcus thermophillus,
Lactobacillus bulgaricus
44 Tofu is ? Soybean  protein
45 Cereals are generally deficient in ? lysine , amino acid
46 The best storage temperature of meat is preferred at ? 0°F (-18°C)
47 Pulses are major source of ? Protein
48 FMD is caused by? Virus
49 Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture is located at ? Lucknow
50  Preservative used in preparation of tomato ketchup ? Sodium benzoate

Agriculture General Knowledge

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  1. FPO expansion farmer producer organization sir…please check it

  2. Fruit products order
    Certifying agency
    Ministry of Food Processing Industries (India)
    Effective region
    Effective since
    Product category
    Processed fruit products
    Legal status
    Mandatory since

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