Agriculture Field Officer 2018 Memory Based Question

Agriculture Field Officer 2018Agriculture Field Officer 2018Agriculture Field Officer 2018

  Questions Answer
1 Highest yielding crop in the year 2015-16? Rice
2 Highest area of crop in the year 2015-16? Rice
3 Which of the following is a temperate crop based on climate ? Wheat
4 Totapari is a variety of mango grown in which state? Karnataka
5 Ratna variety of mango crossed between ? Neelam × Alfonso
6 Rainfall in humid area ? More than 1000mm
7 What is the capacity of high value sprayer ? More than 400
8 What is the efficiency of drip irrigation? 95%
9 Highest Calcium present in which  manure ? Poultry
10 Integrated scheme for agriculture marketing was introduced in which year? 2014
11 Karan fries was developed by which institute ? NDRI Karnal
12 Highest SNF in which animal milk ? Sheep
13 Which of the following is a micronutrient ? Iron
14 Central Avian Research Institute was established in the year ? 1979
15 Growing crop along with perennial has known as ? Alley cropping
16 Under the Pradhan Mantri fasal Bima Yojana the premium interest % paid by farmer for commercial and horticulture crop? 5%
17 Under Pradhan Mantri fasal Bima Yojana the premium interest % paid by farmer for kharif crops ? 2%
18 Under Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchai Yojana what amount allocated for the period 2015-16 to 2019-20 50000 crore
19 What is the interest rate given to farmers who taken a loan of ₹ 3 lakh if the farmer has repaid the loan on time ? 4%
20 Which of the following is highly salt tolerant crop ? Cotton
21 Which of the following is highly salt degraded state?


22 Power Tiller introduced in India in which year ? 1963
23 When papaya introduced in India ? 16th century
24 What should be the percent of geographical area cover under forest according to National Forest policy 1988? 33%
25 On which operation on the following no plant is left undisturbed ? Clean tillage
26 Relative humidity suitable for crop production ? 40-60%
27 Which of the following institute has developed 1st Rinderpest vaccine? IVRI
28 Which of the following Institute discovered Ranikhet disease ? IVRI
29 PH alkaline soil ? >8.2
30 Electrical conductivity of saline-alkaline soil ? >4dsm

Agriculture Field Officer 2018

Questions Answer
31 Which equipment has lowest width disc plough? Disc plough
32 Which of the following Nutrient effects in the plant being colourless lent of unfolded leaves at the top leaving gelatinous material?  Calcium (Ca)
33 Lime requirement in aquacultureat pH 5.1 to 6.5? 1000 kg
34 What is the following wood is making for plywood timber? Teak
35 Which nutrient helps in the formation of chlorophyll? Magnisium
36 Highest P2O5 consumption in which crop? Groundnut
37 How much % are used Rice Bran in fish feed? 32%
38 In murrah Buffalo what is the age at first calving? 40-42 months
39 It is essential to provide shelter and feed to the new born calf. What is daily weight gain of well fed? 325 gm
40 While feeding the calf in early age the weight increases by how much? 0.4-0.5 kg
41 Which of the following is an antigenic perennial crop? Sugarbeet
42 What is the H.P. power required for power sprayer ? 3-5 H.P.
43 Which tillage implement requires minimum draft per unit width? Planter
44 For cultivating land of around 40 hac for monocropping what H.P. tractor is preferred? 25 H.P.
45 Which is the following is not a Quality of “4-stroke engine”? Fuel is not fully consumed
46 What is power extracted by PTO 70-80
47 Which of the following boat is used for sailing in Mahanadi -chikla lake? Bahani, Jano, Uthapani, Dian
48 Area covered under Shrimp cultivation in India ? 11.51 lakh hac
49 What time of period of heat in cow?


18 hours
50 What is the ESP of saline-alkaline soils? >15
51 What is the floor space required for “Broiler Poultry (sq. ft.)” 1sq ft.
52 Which poultry breed maximum weight in the fifth week of the rearing period? Aseel
53 What is the floor space required for pregnant cow? 100-120 Sq. ft.
54 Which Fish has the highest protein content? Tuna (bluefin and yellowfin)
55 In Banana, Which nutrient is given in largest amount through fertigation? Potash (380gm)
56 What are the optimum pH required for Banana? 5.5-6.5
57 What are the optimum pH required for Guava? 6.5-8.2
58 What are the optimum pH required for Grapes ? 5.5-6.5
59 In which form of cutting all branches of fodder crops? Lopping
60 Which nutrient plays a activist & Catalystic role in the photosynthesis of plants? Magnisium

Agriculture Field Officer 2018

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