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Agriculture Field Officer 2015

Agriculture Field Officer 2015


Agriculture Field Officer 2015
Agriculture Field Officer 2015
In this article we discuss previous year paper of agriculture field officer

Its memory based question because this test is conducted online. And no official paper is provided for it.

Questions Answer
Area in minor irrigation ? 2000 hectare
Olericulture related to ? Vegetable
Depog method associate with ? Nursery preparation of rice
Pusa Kranti variety of ?


Jwala is the variety of ? Chili
Vaishali​ is the variety of ? Tomato
Water conservation study under which subject? Soil science
Study of grasses ? Agrostology
Which is not a micro nutrient ? Calcium
Zero tillage means absent  ? Primary and secondary tillage
Seedless variety of grapes ? Thompson
First stage of water erosion ? Splash erosion
Disc angle of disc plough ? 40 -45
Reason for seedlessness in fruit ? Embryo abortion
Rinderpest is not related to ? Poultry
When pH under 3.5 ?


Ultra acidic soil
White leghorn egg start egg laying in age of ? 5 to 6 month
Coarse sand particle size ? C2 mm – 0.2 mmell
Wheat – Paddy cropping  intensity ? 200%
Which is Apex body of agriculture marketing ? NAFED

Agriculture Field Officer 2015

Questions Answer
Critical stage of irrigation in wheat ? CRI
Tractor working hours ? 10000 hours
Water losses in air least in ? Drip irrigation
Which is high pressure spray ? Gear pump
Type of soybean root ? Deeply rooted
Percentage of clay in Sandy loam ? 0- 20%
Mulching is ?


Conservative tillage
Root knot disease related to ? Groundnut
Red level on fertilizer box indicate ? Extremely toxic
Rotavator which type instrument ? For secondary tillage
What is the depth of shallow tillage according to the CRIDA? 5-6 cm
Disc Harrow which type tillage instrument ? Secondary tillage

Questions Answer
In which temperature milk is stored ? 4 ‘C
In which type of irrigation minimum losses of water ? Drip irrigation
In which type of plantation system having one tree at the center ? Quincunx
Power Tiller is ?
Rotatory implement
Milk fever in cow due to ? Deficiency of calcium
Total agriculture Sector cost ? Cell
ASPEE is related to ? Sprayer
Farmer not Classified on the basis of price area ? Ranching
Size of mould board plough determines ? Width of cut
Why puddling is done ? For conserving moisture and breaking impermeable layer of field
PLP initiated by?
NABARD ,Government of India , regional rural bank

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