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Agriculture Field Officer 2012 Memory Based Question

Agriculture field officer 2012

Agriculture field officer 2012Agriculture field officer 2012

Memory Based Question

Questions Answer
Glycolysis is known as ? EMP pathway
“Cell Organiser” is ? Nucleolus
Rice seed is known as ? Cariyopsis
Paddy inflorescence is ?
Fruit ripening hormone is ? Ethylene
Hardness in Woody tissue due to ? Lignin
International Rice Research Institute is located in? Manila
The “power house” of cell ? Mitochondria
Chipko movement is associated with ? A.L. Bahuguna
National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources is located in ? Lucknow
In which Sanctuary having maximum number of rare animals ? Manas National Park
Which crop grown for grain green manure and fodder? Cow pea
Cereals – deficient in lysine and rich in ? Methionine
Which factor highest effect annual losses of Agricultural produce in India ? Weeds> insect> disease
Red Data Book is famous for ?
Endangered animal and plants
Rate of photosynthesis is higher in which light ? White
Botanical name of pearl millet ? Pennisetum typhoides
The largest herbarium located in India ? Kolkata
International Convention on Biological Diversity was ratified in the year ? 1994
Machine used for dehusk  of pulse ? Energy Roll Dehusker
Reptiles​ and Birds excreted nitrogen in the form of ? Uric acid
“Red orange” colour of saffron due to? Crocetin
Insect extrete in the form of uric acid because most of them are ? Terrestrial
The term microbiology given by ?
Louis Pasteur
A sclerotium refers to a modified mycelium which is ? Hard resting body

Agriculture field officer 2012

Questions Answer
Which is considered as biological Paradise in India ? Gulf of Mannar
Phenomenon where in a single gene has more than one phenotypic effect is known as ? Pleiotropism
DNA and RNA are similar to each other because both of ? Nucleotide polymers
When disease attacks many in a community simultaneously ? Epidemic
Beaten rice is also known as ?
Flaked rice
Which synthetic polypeptides will form a triple helix ? (Pro-Gly-Gly)n
A simple technique has been developed in India by the using of which Bio-fertilizer ? Azotobacter and Rhizobium
Which is a rich source of protein is ? (according option) Spirulina
The anti codon region is present in ? t-RNA
Which is correct food chain ? Algae – Insert – frog – snake – peacock
Pea seeds will germinate best if found in a jar containing ? O2 (oxygen)
Measurement of the rate of oxygen consuming in unit volume of water over a period of time is carried out to determine ? Biological oxygen demand
Obligate anaerobic Bactria grow ? Without oxygen and produce Low energy
The size of tractor  tyre maybe represented up ? Section thickness × Rim diameter
Which is matching set of classification ?
Millipede, Crab, Centipede and Cockroach
Which technique are used in assaying monoclonal antibodies ? Flow cytometry
Tumour causing viruses are known as ? Tungro​ viruses
Sudden mass death of fishes from oxygen depletion is more likely in ? Eutrophic lakes
Biosphere is made up with organism lithosphere atmosphere and ? Hydrosphere
World Health Organisation wh0 announced the eradication of smallpox as a disease in which year? 1977
Bottom layer of deep fresh water habitat is? Hypolimnion
Spice bag is usually used for processing of  ?
The forces that can change the frequency of an allele in a population are ? Random genetic drift, In-breeding, Migration, ​Mutagenesis​ and selection
Roasting coffee beans improve the content of ? Niacin
The Shape of the growth curve is  ? Sigmoid

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