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Agriculture Exams Question General Agriculture One Liner 41

Agriculture Exams Question

Agriculture Exams Question

Agriculture 30 One Liner Question

Agriculture Exams Question


Mendel began his famous experiments on Pea in?  1857
One gene one enzmes hypothesis was proposed by?  Beadle and Tatum In 1941
The term heterosis was first used by?  Shull in 1914
The hetrosis is also known as?  Hybrid vigour
An exact genetic replica of a specific gene or an entire organism? Clone
Anther or pollen culture technique is used to obtained? Haploid plants
Culture of an organ in vitro? Organ culture
M-RNA is primarily used for?  Transcription of DNA
Fungicide used in the control of smut is?   Vitavax
Father of modern Plant pathology is?  Anton de Berry
Pusa Snowball is a variety of? Cauliflower
Phosphorus is extracted by?  Olsen method
World’s staple food is? AgriExam.Com Rice
The trade name of BHC is?  Grammexone
Netural parthenocarpy is found in?   Banana

Agriculture Exams Question

First hybrid in the world of red gram is?
A fruit juice normally contains 25% juice and 40% TSS?Squash
Mango pulp is preserved by? Sugar
Commercial propagation method of rose? ‘T’ budding
Who discovered mitocondria?
C. Benda (1897)
Yellow vein mosaic virus disease is related to? AgriExam.Com Bhindi
The process by which human behavior is modified? Education
Extension education is? Education
Power tiller is most suitable for the cultivation of?   Paddy
Depth of sowing of soybean seed?
3 cm
Temperature required for bolting in onion is? < 15 °C
Seed rate of knol khol is? 1-1.5 kg/ha
Economic part of knol khol is? Extended stem
The fruit of rose is known as? Hip
Rose can be cultivated up to? 5 years

Agriculture Exams Question

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