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Agriculture Exam Study

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Agriculture 30 One Liner Question

Agriculture Exam Study

Question Answer
Flooding irrigation method commonly used for?
Fertilizer application through irrigation known as?
Important cultural practice in rice field?
Power tiller is most suitable for the cultivation of?
Sowing time of Aus/Autumn rice?
March – April
Sowing time of Aman rice?
May – June
Aman rice also known is?
Kharif/winter rice
Sowing time of Boro rice?
December – January
Boro rice also known as?
Summer rice
P2O5% in Raw bone meal?
20-25% P2O5
P2O5% in steamed bone meal?
20-30% P2O5
Sulphur % in S.S.P?
Ca% in S.S.P?
18-21% Ca
Ca percent in Gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) is?
29.2% Ca
S% in Gypsum?
18.6% S

Agriculture Exam Study

Question Answer
Top sickness of tobacco occurs due to?
B deficiency
Beneficial elements are?
Co, Si, Na, Ni, Va
Ni & Co is most useful for the crops?
Father of Hybrid cotton?
C.T. Patel
First hybrid of rice was developed by?
Y.L. Ping (China)
First transgenic plant was developed by?
Fraley (1983) Tobacco
Laws of heredity were first discovered by?
Often cross pollinated crops are?
Cotton, Sorghum, Pea
Concept of pure line theory was developed by?
Term heterosis was coined by?
Jagannath is a mutant variety of?
Vector of Grassy stunt disease?
Brown plant hopper (Nilaparvata spp.)
Chaffy grains with black spot is due to?
Gundhi bug (leptocoris spp.)
Family of Gundhi bug is?
Gundhi bug caused on the stage?
Milking stage

Agriculture Exam Study

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