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Agriculture Entomology Table- 1

Agriculture Entomology Table Important Study Material

Agriculture Entomology Table Study Material

Subject:- Agriculture Entomology 

Agriculture Entomology Important Point

 1. Name of Appendages & Segment AgriExam.Com 

Name of AppendagesName of Segment
Pair of compound eyes.Pre antennary
Pair of antennaeAntennary
Single labrumIntercalary
Pair of mandiblesMandibular
Pair of MaxillaeMaxillary

 2. Types of Antenae 

Types of AntenaeExample AgriExam.Com 
Setaceous (Whip like)Cockroach
Filiform (Threadike)Grasshopper
Moniliform (necklace/ Bead like)Thrips, midge fly, termites.
Clavate (Club shaped)Butterfly
Capitate (Knobbed) Weevil, khapra beetle
Serrate (saw toothed).Metallic bettle
Lamellate (leaflike) Dungroller, Rhinocerous beetle.
Pectinate / unipectinate (Comblike)Moth
BipectinateSilk moth.
Plumose (Whorl like) Male Mosquito
Pilose (Brush like)Female Mosquito
Geniculate (elbowed)Honey bee, Wasp.
Aristate (Bristle like)House fly
Stylate (Style like)Jassids

 3. Types of Insect Mouth Part 

Mouth PartInsect AgriExam.Com 
Mandibulate type
Chewing and bitting typecockroach, grasshopper
Haustellate type
Piercing and sucking typered cotton bug, Mosquito, aphids, leafhoppers
Chewing and Lapping typeHoney bees
Sponging type House Fly
Rasping and sucking typeThrips (asymmetrical mouth parts)
  • Mandibulate Type:- Insects feeding on solid food material.
  • Haustellate Type:- includes insects feeding on liquid material (Food)

 4.Modifications of insect legs / Type of insect legs 

Insect legsExamples AgriExam.Com 
Ambulatorial (Walking type)Some beetles, Bugs
Cursorial (Running type ) Cockroach, Ground and Tiger beetles
Saltorial (Jumping types) Grasshopper & Crickets.
Fossorial (digging type) Mole cricket
Raptorial (Grasping type) Praying mantid, Ambush bugs
Scansorial (Clinging type)Head louse.
Natatorial (Swimming type) Hind legs of Water bug, Aquatic beetes
Foragial / Carbiculate (Pollen collecting)Hind legs of honey bees (worker)
Sticky legsHouse fly.

 5.Modifications of Insect Wings 

Insect WingsExamples AgriExam.Com 
TegminaCockroach, Mantid, Grasshooper
HalteresHouse fly
Fringed wing  Thrips
Scaly wings Moths and butterfly.
Membranous wingsWasp and bees

 6.Wing coupling Apparatus AgriExam.Com  

Wing coupling ApparatusExamples 
Jugate typeHepialid moth
Fibulate type (elongated jugum)Caddis fly
Frenate typeMoths
Hamulate typeBees and Wasp
AmplexiformButterflies, Silkmoth.
 7.Parasites insects & Their Host Insects  
Parasites Insects Host Insects AgriExam.Com 
Egg parasite Of Insect
Trichogramma australicumShoot borer of sugarcane.
Trichogramma miniatumShoot borer of paddy.
Trichogramma chilonisBoll worms of cotton & stem borer of sugarcane.
Telenomus remusTobacco leaf eating cater pillar.
Larval parasite of Insect
Perisierola nephantidisCoconut black headed caterpillar.
Apanteles angarletiPink boll worms
Bracon kirkpatrickiBoll worms
Egg & Larval Parasite of Insect
Copidosoma KoehleriPotato tuber moth
Chelonus blackburniBoll worm and potato tuber moth
Nymph and adult parasite of Insect
Epiricania melanoleucaSugarcane pyrilla

 8.Damaging Stages of insects 

Insects OrdersDamaging Stages AgriExam.Com 
ColeopteraLarvae (grub) + Adult both stages
LepidopteraOnly Larvae (Caterpillar) Except Fruit sucking moth (FSM). Adult stage of (FSM) causes damage.
HemipteraNymph + Adult both stages

 9.Important Polyphagus Pests 

Polyphagus Pests AgriExam.Com 
  • Locust
  • Termite
  • Bihar & Red Hairy Caterpillar
  • White grub.

 10.Orders of Insects AgriExam.Com  

OrdersExamples Of Insects 
OrthopteraLocust, Grasshopper, Cockroach
HeteropteraTrue bugs
HomopteraAphids, Leaf hoppers
LepidopteraMoths, Butterflies, Silkworm
HymenopteraSawflies,Bees, Ants, Wasps,

 11.Types of Larvae: Larva is of 4 types 

Types of LarvaeExamples AgriExam.Com 
NymphOrder-Hemiptera ; Bugs, Hoppers, White flies, Aphids, Jassids.
Grublesser grain borer & order Coleoptera and Mustard Sawfly (Hymenoptera)
MaggotDiptera [all flies except white fly and mustard Sawfly (MSF)]
CaterpillarLepidoptera; Moth, Bollworm, Borer (Except lesser grain borer)

Agriculture Entomology Table

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