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Agriculture Engineering Questions & Answers

Agriculture Engineering
Agriculture Engineering For All Agricultural Exam
Questions Answers
1 Removal of thin and uppermost top layer of soil from the land by overland flow is termed as? Sheet erosion
2 Wind erosion is more in? Noncohesive soils
3 Class IV type land are?
Partly suitable for cultivation
4 Maize is a? Soil maintaining crop
5 Potato is a? Soil depleting crop
6 Soil erosion is more in? Sandy soils
7 Major portion of soil carried by wind is moved in the series of short bounce called? Saltation
8 For a watershed where no conservation practice is followed, the value of conservation particle factor (P) to the used in universal soil in universal soil loss equation for estimation of soil loss will be? 1.0
9 For a given condition, a high intensity rain produces? Great splash
10 Trajectory angle during saltation is affected by? Particles alignment
11 Threshold wind velocity is low for? Very fine particles
12 The real soil loss is denoted by the phenomenon of? Detachment
13 EI30, I30 stands for?
Rainfall intensity at 30 min interval
14 Drop structures are used to control? V-shaped gullies
15 Spattering of small soil particles caused by rain drop impact on wet soil is called as? Rill erosion

Agriculture Engineering

Questions Answers
16 The soluble soil matters are? Clay and organic matters
17 Sediment yield is the? Total soil loss from an area
18 A unit hydrograph has? One unit of direct run off
19 A hydrometric curve is a plot of? Area elevation curve
20 The hydrologic floodrouting
methods are?

momentum and continuity equations
21 A plot of rainfall intensity versus time is called? Hyeto graph
22 In a flow net, phreatic line acts as? 100% hydraulic head line
23 In an irrigation channel the critical depth can be produced by? Lowering the bottom and increasing the width
24 Subirrigation is useful in a situation where? Capillary movement in the root zone
25 In designing regime canal, by using Lacey’s theory the velocity depends on several factor except? Depth of water
26 The difference between a swallow tubewell
and a deep tube-well is on the basis of?
Depth of aquifer
27 Volume of 20 ham
2× 1011cm3
28 Available water holding capacity is maximum in? Clay loam
29 1 bar is equal to?
0.9869 atm
76 cm high mercury column
Weight of 1020 cm water column
30 Trickle’ irrigation is also known as? Drip irrigation

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