Agriculture Education One Liner Questions (1)

Agriculture EducationAgriculture Education

Agriculture Education

Important For All Agriculture related exams

Questions Answer
Black cotton soil is rich in? Montmorillonite
Alley Cropping is? Agroforestry system
First KVK establishment in (1974)? Pondicherry
Highest pulse producing state? MP
Highest irrigation area covering Canal in the world?


Indira Gandhi canal
Highest wheat producing state? Uttar Pradesh
Highest pesticides used in India? Insecticide
Silicon essential for Which crop? Rice
Which is Potassium Rich mineral? Biotite
Suitable fertilizers used in fertigation? Liquid fertilizer
The bio-drainage plant is? Eucalyptus Spp.
Yellow Revolution related with? Oil seeds
Which crop known as gold of America? Soybean
Water absorbed by plants more through?
Root hair
“Advances in agronomy” is published by? American Society of agronomy

Agriculture Education

Questions Answer
Bullar irrigation related with low energy use? Hypothesis
Recorded rainfall of 2.5mm or more within a period of 24 hours in a day Cald? Rainy Day
Relationship between plant population and grain yield is?


Which plough used for drainage? Mole plough
Priming method of harvesting of tobacco is done for? Cigarette and wrapper
In which state the highest forest area is reported? Madhya Pradesh
Nagarjun Sagar irrigation project situated state? Andhra Pradesh
Leading state in drip irrigation in India? Maharashtra
Law of diminishing​ return given by? Mitscherlish
Intermittent on and off system is followed in? Surgery gation
Deflocculation is due to? Sodium
Crop transpiration decrease by using? NAA
Concept of plant ideotype was given by? Donald
A Technique of mid-season correction? Gep filling
Reclamation of acidic soil by using? Lime
The element essential for symbiotic nitrogen fixation?



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  1. sir apne rainy day ka 2.5 cm diya h but ye to sir 2.5 mm per day hota h

    1. Mm he to diya h.

  2. crop transpiration reduced using by ??? – PMA, Atrazine, Mobileaf, hexadecanol, silicone, oils, waxes, kaolin,

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