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Agriculture Economics Study Important Table(2)

Agriculture Economics Study Important Point

Agriculture Economics Study

Agriculture Economics Study

1. Types of farmer (according to land holding) 

Types of farmerLand Holding
Marginal farmer Less than 1 ha.
Small farmer 1-2 ha
Semi- medium farmer 2-4 ha
Medium farmer4-10 ha
Large farmerAgriExam.com10 ha or above

 2. Types of farmer (according to ownership)

Types Of Farmersland
Small Farmers<4 ha.
Medium Farmers4 to 10 ha.
Large Farmers10 ha.

 3. Enterprises 

Reward of LandRent
Reward of Labour Wages
Reward of Capital Interest
Reward of EnterpriseProfit

 4. Relationship Between MP, TP & AP

What happens to MP, when TP is maximum?MP is equal to zero
When TP is zero, what happens to AP ?AP is zero
When MP is increasing, how does AP behave ?AP also increase
When MP is at its maximum, is TP at the point of inflation?Yes
When AP is at its maximum, is the ratio of output to input maximum?Yes, because MP=AP
When AP is increasing, how does MP behave?MP is greater than AP
When AP is decreasing. What is the position of MP?MP is less than AP
How does TP behave, when MP is rising?TP increases at a increasing rate
How does TP behave, when AP is increasing ?TP is increasing at a decreasing rate after MP at its maximum.

 5. Finance according to period 

Loan Term Years
Short term/crop loan1 to 1.5
Medium term1.5 to 5
Long term 5 to 30 years

6. Agricultural Credit & Purposes 

Short termFor purchasing seeds, fertilizers and for meeting out family requirements
Medium termTo purchase agricultural equipments, animal and for land improvements.
Long termTo purchase land and expensive agricultural equipments and for repayment of old loans.

 7. Three R’s of Credit 

 Three R’s of Credit
Returns from investment.
Repayment capacity
Risk bearing ability of the farmer borrower

 8. Five C’s of Credit

 Five C’s of Credit
Common sense

 9. Seven ‘P’s of agricultural credit 

Seven ‘P’s of agricultural credit
Principle of productive purpose
Principle of personality
Principle of productions
Principle of phased disbursement
Principle of proper utilization
Principle of payment
Principle of protection.

10. Difference Between Farm management & production economics

Farm managementProduction Economics
Micro approachMacro approach
Intrafarm scienceInterfarm science
Decisions are taken for individual farmDecisions are made for aggregate resources of nation

11. Difference Between Fixed cost & Variable cost

Fixed costVariable cost
Known as sunk costKnown as cost of variable inputs
It may be cash and non-cash bothIt is always in cash
It does not change with level of outputIt vary with level of output

Agriculture Economics Study Important Point

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Updated: 2019-11-21 — 7:53 pm


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  1. Suryansh Srivastava

    Sir aur economica related important point upload kre

  2. Plz extra material r added in economics plz sir

  3. Full form of ap tp mp

    1. AP- Average Product
      TP- Total product
      MP- Marginal Product

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