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1 Water soluble phosphorus content in single super phosphate is? 16%
2 The chemical used to kill weeds is known as?
3 Which  is a form of repair grafting? Bridge grafting
4 Which  method of storage is used for storage of fruits and vegetables on farm ? Zero energy cool chamber
5 Which  facilitate surveying even in night ? GPS
6 Trickle irrigation is also known as ? Drip
7 Which herbicide is used for the control of weeds in groundnut? Fluchloralin
8 Higher water use efficiency is observed in______ irrigation? Drip
9 The removal of dried flowered shoots in canna (कैना) is? Mattocking
10 Finisher ration is given to broiler poultry birds at what age? From 22 days up to sale
11 The process of putting the vegetables into suitable containers of required and desired sizes is called as? Packaging
12 The moisture content of ghee should be?
Not more than 0.5%
13 The height of roof at side in stanchion should be? 2.4 m
14 The horse power obtained from one bullock is ? 0.75 hp
15 The average freezing point depression of cow milk may be taken as? 0.547°C

Agriculture Courses Online

  Questions Answers
16 The new castle disease is also known as?
Ranikhet disease
17 The swelling over hip, thigh and shoulder is a symptom of which of the following disease? Black quarter
18 The age of animal during 6 to 12 years is calculated by the? Wear and tear of permanent incisors
19 The vegetable which is acidic in nature is? Tomato
20 Giriraj breed of poultry is developed by? Veterinary College, Bangalore
21 Ripened fruits emit which type of gas? Ethylene
22 HN 260 layer bird produces ___________ eggs per year ? 250 to 260
23 While preparing butter, the churn should be filled up to ? 1/3rd of its capacity
24 While collecting the semen, the angle of artificial vagina should be? 45°
25 Cattle should be weighed usually once in a? Month
26 Vegetables are rich in ?
27 Vegetables are ______ in nature? Alkaline
28 Injection of Vitamin D3 @ 10 million I.U. intramuscularly a week before parturition is given to avoid __________disease.? Milk fever
29 What is the causal organism of bacillary white diarrhea disease? Salmonella pullorum
30 What is the dressing percentage of Osmanabadi breed of goat? 45-50%


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