Agriculture Competitive Exam One Liner Questions 75

Agriculture Competitive Exam Questions & Answers

Agriculture Competitive ExamAgriculture Competitive Exam For All Agricultural Exams

Questions Answers
1 The term agriculture is derived from? 
Latin word
2 The term Agronomy is derived from? Greek word
3 Summer plough improve? Soil structure
4 Roselle and Mesta are examples of? Fiber crops
5 Nipping is recommended in which type of chickpea? Desi chickpea
6 Zero tillage system was first used successfully in 1950 in pasture renovation in? USA
7 According to the modern concepts of tillage, the major function of interrow tillage is? Moisture conservation through soil mulching
8 Though tilth is dynamic in nature, it can be measured by? Aggregate analysis
9 Primary tillage practice are?
10 Sub-soiling is? Breaking the hard part
& No inversion of soil
11 Rice is originated from? India & Burma
12 The rice varieties grown in India belongs to? Indica
13 Which gas is released from paddy fields? CH4
14 The dent corn is also known as? Zea mays indentata
15 Test weight of sorghum is? 25– 30 grams

Agriculture Competitive Exam

Questions Answers
16 In sorghum plants, dhurrin is synthesized from? Roots
17 UPAS 120 is a variety of? Pigeonpea
18 Soybean seeds contain?
20%oil & 
40% protein
19 Blackgram is originated in? India
20 Soybean is introduced in India from USA in? 1960
21 Green seeded black gram variety is? T-77
22 Origin of groundnut is? Brazil
23 Groundnut pegs developed in the soil from? Fruits
24 The seed rate (kg per ha) for mustard main crop is about? 4-6kg/ha
25 American cotton should be planted at a distance of? 60cm x 45 cm
26 Which of the following is also known as ‘Manali nut’? Groundnut
27 Mohini is a variety of?( Moong
28 International Crop Research Institute for Semi‑arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is situated at? Hyderabad
29 Main objective of conservation tillage is to conserve? Water and Soil
30 Soybean is a native crop from? China

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  2. Harrowing is a secondary tillage operation, not primary tillage

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