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Agriculture Competitive Agronomy One Liner-1

Agriculture Competitive Exam Questions & Answers
Agronomy Exam One Liner

Agronomy One Liner Questions

Subject:- Agronomy
Special 30 One Liner Questions
Harvest index in pigeon pea ?19%
Soybean is introduced in India from USA in?1960
Nursery area required for seedling of rice one hectare field is?0.10 ha
Soybean seeds contain?20% oil & 40% protein
The optimum spacing for wheat is?22.5 cm (line to line)
Rice seedling planting depth?2-3 CM
Wheat harvest?28-30% grain moisture
Depth of sowing of soybean seed is?3 cm
In wet nursery of rice, level of water is maintained?5 cm
The optimum depth of puddling in rice is?5 cm
Optimum temp. for sugarcane ripening? 65°F (18°C)
Sugarcane is irrigated every _______ days during its growing period?8 – 12 days
Jowar has which root system?Adventitious and fibrous
Developed bitterness of groundnut kernel is mainly due to?Aflatoxin
Which is fodder Maize variety?African tall

Agriculture Competitive Exam

Best treatment for red rot disease of sugarcane?Agallol
Groundnut as Rabi crop in?Andhra Pradesh
Most important sucking pest of cotton and rice?Aphis gossypii and Thrips oryzae
Groundnut faces a serious problem of aflatoxin which is caused by?Aspergillus flavous
Residue of sugarcane factory is ?Baggase
Highest area of summer maize?Bihar
State having highest area under summer maize is?Bihar
Which disease known as killer disease of wheat?Black Rust
Origin of groundnut is?Brazil
The causes of “Bengal famine” was ?Brown spot of Rice
The most critical stage of irrigation in wheat is?C.R.I
Jowar is known as?Camel crop/Kings of coarse grains
Wheat Maize oat and Jowar are the rich source of?Carbohydrates
Soybean is a native crop from?China
Showing depth of wheat is depend on length of?Coleoptiles

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  1. Jagannath Patil

    Sir black gram originated from India

    1. Thanks for informing us..

      1. Plz send me daily questions

  2. Harrowing is a secondary tillage operation, not primary tillage

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  4. What are the harvest index of fodder crop..

  5. Opt temp for sugarcane ripening is 12-14 degree

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