Agricultural Systems General One Liner Question-14

Agricultural Systems General Agriculture Question

Agricultural Systems General Agriculture

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Agricultural Systems General Agriculture

Questions Answer
1 Which type nozzle suitable for spraying of herbicide ? Flat fan
2 First Agriculture scientist who become secretary of “Government of India” ? Dr. MS Swaminathan
3 Which oil used for increasing the use efficiency of Urea ? Neem
4 Material used for making artificial rain warm clouds is ? Sodium chloride
5 Positively photoblastic crop is ?( Tobacco
6 Which rice variety got geographical indicators recently ? Gobindobhog
7 Plant canopy temperature can be measured by ? Infrared thermometer.
8 Present minister of ministry “food processing industries” ? Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal
9 First herbicide produced in world is ? 2 4,D
10 2 4,D was discovered in which year ? 1941
11 Effective root zone depth of peanut groundnut crop is ? 60cm
12 Substance responsible for bread making quality of wheat is ? Gluten
13 Vegetative lag phase is found in Which crop ?( Rice
14 Plant which can complete their life cycle in saline environment are known as ? Halophytes
15 If land slope is 16-32% then which method used ? Bench terracing

Agricultural Systems General Agriculture

Questions Answer
16 Which crop having double symbiotic relationship with nitrogen fixing bacteria is ? Dhaincha
17 The plant cell are connected with the help of ? Plasmodesmata
18 Which variety of sunflower suitable for all India growing is ? Modern
19 Low pressure area near equator are called ? Doldrum
20 Economical part of isabgol ? Seed & husk
21 seed rate of isagol ? ( 7-8 kg/ha
22 What are Montmorillonite , kaolinite and Illite ? Clay minerals
23 Best treatment for red rot disease of sugarcane ? Agallol
24 Which group of microbes increases Phosphorus solubility in soil ? Pseudomonas
25 Anaerobic nitrogen fixer bactria is ? Clostridium
26 In which state has highest productivity of groundnut ? Tamilnadu
27 Highest productivity of sugarcane in which state ? Tamilnadu
28 Which pulse crop does not fix atmospheric nitrogen ? Rajma
29 The first inter genetic cross between wheat and Rye was made by ? Rimphu (1890)
30 The process of using of microorganism to remove Salt from soil is called ?

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