Agricultural Science One Liner Questions 104

Agricultural Science ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,AAO,Agriculture supervisor, National seed Corporation and Others Competitive Exam

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Questions Answers
1 The part of a plant known as the ‘food factory’ is called?
2 For long-term storage of eggs, it should be stored at which temperature? 10°C
3 CO2 from decomposing organic matter dissolves in water to form? Carbonic acid
4 The ginning percent in cotton is? 24-38%
5 The cutting of weed to the ground level is known as? Mowing
6 NABARD came into existence on? 12 July, 1982
7 The vegetative lag phase is also known as? Photoperiod-sensitive
8 The vegetative lag phase is absent in _____ rice.? Short duration
9 The practice of ploughing or turning of undecomposed green plant tissues into the soil is called? Green manuring
10 Tillage is difficult in which type of soil? Clay
11 Jowar has which root system? Adventitious and fibrous
12 The low analysis fertilizers contain less than____ of primary nutrients? 30%
13 The most resistant crop to water logging is?
14 The percentage of free fatty acid (as oleic acid) in special grade ghee should be not more than? 1.4%
15 The national flower of India is? Lotus

Agricultural Science

Questions Answers
16 T.S.S. of papaya jam is? 68.5%
17 Sesquioxides act as a cementing agent made up of?
Iron and Aluminum oxides
18 The ratio of carbon to nitrogen in the arable soils commonly ranges from? 8:1 to 15:1
19 The removal of the top of the shoot with a view to stimulate the lateral growth is referred as? Topping
20 The term ‘horticulture’ is derived from which of the following language? Latin
21 For successful intercropping, the difference in maturity of component crops should be atleast? 30 day
22 The optimum range of soil moisture for effective ploughing is? 25-50%
23 The development of more than one embryo in the seed is known as? Polyembryony
24 The scientific/botanical name of soybean is? Glycine max
25 The scientific name of Arhar is? Cajanus cajan
26 The botanical name of Okra is?
Abelmoschus esculentus
27 The common name of Cyprus rotundus is? Nut grass
28 The square method of planting is used in? Mango
29 The absolute temperature is measured in? °K
30 The weeds which complete their life cycle in two years are known as? Biennial weeds

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