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Agricultural Questions One Liner Questions (114)

Agriculture One Liner

Agricultural Questions & Answer Agricultural Questions

Agriculture 30 One Liner Question

Agricultural Questions One Liner

Question Answer
Curing process is related to the crop?
Total water requirement of sugarcane crop is ?
200-300 cm
In saline soil , the method for irrigation used?
flood method
SRI technique Was developed in ?
The weed used for ornamental purpose is?
Lantana Camaer
The core component of chlorophyll is ?
In water logged arid gas found in abundant ?
The term “ water harvesting “ was first used by ?
Diara cultivation method is followed in?
C: N ratio of organic matter is?
Coconut fat is a rich source of?
Lauric acid
Coconut is propagated by?
Crescent is well known for?
Flower arrangement
The optimum line to line spacing for wheat is?
22.5 cm
Saffron is obtained from?
Style and Stigma

Agricultural Questions

Question Answer
Shade loving annual flower plant is?
Pollination in oil palm is carried by?
The father of economics is ?
Adam Smith
Dark reaction was discovered by?
Moderate mobile nutrient is?
Maximum litchi producing state is?
Spacing recommended for Pusa Nanha variety of papaya is?
1.25 x 1.25 m
Which is best method for application Fe and Zn ?
Foliar application
Dioecious fruit plants are?
Papaya, Datepalm
Pusa chikni is a variety of?
Sponge gourd
Red colour of soil due to ?
Vector of rice tungro virus is ?
Green leaf hopper
vector of leaf -curl disease in cotton is?
White flies
Orobanche is a parasite associated with ?
The oldest method of selection is ?
Mass Selection

Agricultural Questions

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