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Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineer For All Agricultural Exams

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1 Direct sowing in the harvested field is termed as?
Zero tillage
2 which  tape is used for the purpose of greater accuracy survey work? Invar tape
3 Instrument which are used for the drop out perpendicular offset on the main survey line is? Metallic tape & cross staff
4 The instrument which automatically registers the numbers of the paces? Passometer
5 A closed contour line with one or more higher ones inside it represents? Hilly top
6 A closed contour line with one or more lower ones inside it represents a? Depression
7 Fixed reference point of known elevation called as? Bench mark
8 The vertical distance of a point above or below the datum is called?? Reduced level
9 The rod (level staff) reading taken on a point of known elevation called? Back sight
10 The (level staff) rod reading taken on a point, the elevation of which is to be determined is called? Fore sight
11 An intermittent point between the starting and the end points and denotes the shifting of the level called? Change point
12 Give the designation to the scale 1/1000? 1cm=10m
13 Passometer is used to measure ?
No. of paces in a given distance
14 Self ignition or compression ignition engine are termed as? Diesel Engine
15 Operated pressure of power sprayer? >55 kg/cm2

Agricultural Engineer

Questions Answers
16 Single cylinder OHC uses which method of cooling system? Air cooling
17 Wind erosion is common in?
Arid & semi arid
18 Contour bunds are adopted in region of? High rainfall
19 The shaft which raises and lowers the inlet and exhaust valves at proper time? Cam shaft
20 Soil degradation takes place due to? Accelerated
21 The most harmful vibration frequency for a human being is? 1 to 20 Hz
22 The lateral stability of four wheel tractor in a turning situation can be increased by? Increasing the radius of the turn
23 In an epicyclic gear speed reduction unit, the ratio of the number of teeth of the angular gear to sun gear is? 4:1
24 The toein provided in a tractor is approximately? 7mm to 10 mm
25 The calorific value of HSD is? 10550 kcal/kg
26 The amount of liquid required for spraying plantation crop is? 600800 lit/ha
27 More spraying pressure results in? Reduction of droplet size
28 Air blast sprayer is used for? Orchards
29 Knapsack sprayer is suitable for? Brushes(झाड़ियां)
Row crop
Small trees
30 The solid cone nozzle is used for? Weedicides application

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