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Agricultural Economics One Liner Questions (3)

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Economics One Liner Questions (3)
Agricultural Economics For Agricultural Exams JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, IFFCO, NFL and other competitive exam 

Subject:- Agriculture Economics
Special 30 One Liner Questions
 Questions Answers
1The term Macro economics and Micro economics given by?Ragner frisch (1933)
2Money supply in economy is regulated by?RBI
3All India Rural Credit Survey Committee was constituted by? RBI
4Market guided by rules and regulations is called? Regulated Market
5Markets in which business is done in accordance with the rules and regulations is called?Regulated market
6The price elasticity of demand for ‘food’ is?Relatively inelastic
7Regulated market ensures? Remunerative price
8Principle of Equi-marginal returns is applied when?Resources are limited
9Which line represents isoclines? Ridge line
10FAO-Food & Agricultural Organisation is located at?Rome (Italy)
11Decrease in demand means less demand at?Same price
12Growth definition of economics given by? Samuelson
13The level of indifference curve from the origin depends upon the level of?Satisfaction
14The excess of income over consumption is called?Saving
15Farm clinics is the main feature of? SBI
Agricultural Economics
 Questions Answers
16Demand for luxurious good is?More elastic
17Demand of Agricultural Products is relatively?More inelastic
18PPC for greater level of production represented by? Moving away from origin
19When TPP is decreasing? MPP is decreasing
20When APP is decreasing? MPP< APP
21First governor of RBI was?Mr. Osporne A. Smith
22Marginal utilization of resources is attained where?MR=MC
23To get the maximum profit keep adding the variable resources in the production process till?MR>MC
24The economics of Imperfect competition? Mrs Joan Robinson
25Who coined the term “Monopsony? Mrs Joan Robinson
26Marketable surplus is given by? MS = P-C
27An Apex Institute at all India level in the field of rural credit and agricultural credit?NABARD
28The apex body for institution finance for agriculture in India is?NABARD
29Wadi programme started by? NABARD
30Central “AGMARK” laboratory is located at?Nagpur (1937)


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