Agricultural College Daily One Liner Questions-(3)

Agricultural College Daily One Liner Question

Agricultural College Exam
Agricultural College Exam
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Questions Answer
Which fungicide used in internal seed borne disease Thiram
Source of the Boron in soil Tourmaline
Total Salinity affected area in country 7 M/ha
Highest Oil content crop is
Which crop is most sensitive for spray of 2,4 -D Cotton
Hybrid variety of cabbage is Shree Ganesh gol
Priya is a popular variety of Watermelon
Which crop is energy rich crop Soybean
Capability classes VI and VII of soil are suitable for Pasture and Fiber
Which crop known as “camel crop” Sorghum
Which element deficiency show yellowish symptoms on Apical buds Ca
Herbicide absorbed by root and young coleoptiles transfer in plants​ in which direction ( Acropetal
Which material easily decomposed by microorganism Sugar
Sandy soil contains maximum amount of Quartz
Seed​ directly produced under the control of originating breeder are  known as Nucleus seed

Agricultural College Exam

Questions Answer
Maximum spray drift losses in which type of spray Ultra low volume spray
Aflatoxin developed by Fungi
Greenhouse gases a hole become in the layer of Stratosphere
Fertilizer element which improve quality of the fruit Potash
Law of minimum was given by
Which is nitrification inhibitor N- serve
Most sensitive and Critical moisture stage in sugarcane Grand growth
Which gas highly responsible for global warming CO2
Aroma in fruits due to Phenols/Esters
Which instrument used for water level depth measuring Piezometer
A plant required critical day length for induce flowering is known Intermediate day length
Directorate of water management research located in Bhubaneshwar
The leading vegetable producing state in India West Bengal
World food Day celebrated on 16th October
Farmers Day celebrate on
23rd December

Agricultural College Exam


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