Agricultural Activities One Liner Questions 97

Agricultural Activities Questions & Answers 

Agricultural Activities For Agricultural Exams

ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,Agriculture supervisor and Others Competitive Exam

Questions  Answers
1 Physiological Basis of life is ?
2 Which crop are responsible for 75% production of pulses in India ? Gram and Arhar
3 “Welfare Definition of Economics” was given by  ? Alfred Marshall
4 ‘Profit Maximization’ is the objective of which farming system ? Capitalistic Farming
5 First ‘KVK’ of India was established at? Pondicherry
6 A farmer having 2 hectare of land will be grouped under ? Small
7 Silver-fish is studied under ? Entomology
8 Balram Yojana is related to ? Water Management
9 Foot and mouth disease is caused by ? Virus
10 The avian breed known for fighting Sports is ? Aseel
11 Mendel conducted his research on the plant called ?
Garden pea
12 “International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas” is located in ? Syria
13 “History of Agriculture in India” was written by ? M.S. Randhawa
14 Which is a beneficial element for rice ? Silicon
15 The oldest oilseed crop cultivated in India is ? Sesame

Agricultural Activities

Questions  Answers
16 Who proposed the criteria of essentiality of plant nutrient ? Arnon
17 ‘VAM’ increases the uptake of which nutrient ? Phosphorus
18l Study of soil in relation to plant is called ? Edaphology
19 Most resistant mineral is ?
20 The vertical section of soil with different layers is known as ? Soil profile
21 Organic agricultural product grading and marketing rules was given in the year ? 2009
22 Central Institute of fisheries was located at ? Kochi
23 India’s position in the world in the production of groundnut ? 2nd
24 A new state plan scheme “RKVY” was launched during ? 2007-8
25 “Kisan Call Centre” have been functioning since ? January 2004
26 “National Oilseeds and Vegetables oil Development Board” was constituted in the year ? 1984
27 Pilot weather based Crop Insurance Scheme is being implemented from ? Kharif 2010
28 Which rest is prevalent in Wheat in Rajasthan ?
29 “National Institute of Agricultural Marketing” was set up by government of India in the year ? 1988
30 Who has proposed the method demonstration ? S A knapp

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