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1 In agricultural tractors, the vibration level is in the range? 2 – 8Hz
2 The safe level of noise for human being ranges between?
3 The temperature range  is most Practical comfort zone for a human operator.? 20 to 30 C
4 The green house structures in India are usually designed to withstand wind speeds of ………. km/hand wind pressure of ………. kg/sq.m.? 110 and 50
5 The rate of air movement should range between ……….cum/h/sq.m. of green house floor area in Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) cooling system.? 36 to 54
6 ………. gas is present in biogas in larger proportion.? Methane
7 On an average sunny days in India, the solar collector having area of 1 Sq.m. can provide ……….litre of hot water at about 60C? 100
8 The solar energy is converted into ………. by the solar cells in solar panel.? Electrical energy
9 The minimum wind speed required for working of a wind mill is ………. kmph? 10
10 Biomass can be converted into?
Liquid fuel
Producer gas
11 Detachment of soil particle from parent material by the beating action of rain drop is? Splash erosion
12 Froude number is the ratio of? Inertial force to gravitational force
13 The imaginary line drawn through the earthen embankment to separate the zone having hydro static pressure and zone having no hydro-static pressure is known as.? Phreatic line
14 In clay soils the particle detachment is less as compared to sandy soils because? Clay soils have more cohesive force than sandy soils
15 Soil erosion will be more from the land-whose surface is? Covered by cultivated crop

Ag Engineering

Questions Answers
16 Contour bunds are recommended for the areas of ? Low rainfall and high infiltration capacity
17 Drop structures are designed in respect of ….?
18 In order that the plants in every corner should receive maximum light, the green house axis isplaced in ………. direction.? East – West
19 Green houses can be broadly classified as wooden framed, pipe framed and truss framed structures
based on …?
20 The primary objective of surveying is to prepare a ..? Map
21 In face left position of theodolite, The position of vertical circle is on ………. of observer.? Left
22 The reading taken by level on levelling staff kept at point of known elevation is entered as ……….reading.? Back sight
23 Ratio of area of watershed to the area of circle having perimeter equal to perimeter of watershed is
known as?
Circularity ratio
24 When flow changes from ………. hydraulic jumps occurs.? Super critical to Sub critical
25 The discharge in distributaries is usually?
Less than 30 cumec
26 The structure used for passing the canal over the natural drain is called as? Aqueduct
27 The phenomenon ‘Weld decay’ is associated with? Stainless steel
28 The cold chisels are made by? Forging
29 A watershed can be termed as small watershed when? overland flow is major contributor
30 The ratio of sum of length of all channel segments of all orders in a watershed to the area of watershed is known as? Drainage density

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