Wheat grain Daily One Liner Question-41

Wheat grain, Agriculture questions for competitive exams

wheat grain
Wheat grain (3)
1 When come the turning point in wheat production in India  (Dwarf varieties introduced in India)? 1963
2 High yield dwarf varieties developed by ? Dr Norman E. Borlaug
3 Which dwarf varieties firstly used in India for farming? (from Mexico) Lerma Rojo, Sonara-64 (Then Kalyan Sona and Sonalika)
4 The crown root system in wheat is developed from which root system? Secondry root system
5 In cloudy weather, high humidity and low temperature conditions. Which disease is more likely in wheat? (More possibility). Rust
6 Which Dicot weed harmful for wheat field?


Bathua, Krishnneel, senjee and chatri-matri
7 Which Monocot weed harmful for wheat field ? Phalaris Minor, Wild oat and Motha
8 Sowing depth of wheat (5cm) is depend on ? Coleoptiles length
9 What  % of wheat grains should not be used for eating when they are infected with Karnal bunt? (Due to Fish like smell) ? 3%
10 Which chemical use for rats control in Wheat field ? Aluminium phosphide
11 Karnal Bunt affected wheat flour. Why does the smell like a fish? ? Due to Trimethyl amine
12 Rust is a which type disease? Airborne
13 Karnal Bunt is a which type disease?


Soil and Seed borne
14 Wheat is a which type of plant ? Self pollinated, C3 & Long day plant
15 Wheat cropped area % out of total gross cropped area of India in 2016-17? 15.98%

wheat grain

16 Major wheat producing state are? UP (30.55 %)
Punjab (16.71%)
17 Wheat productivity in 1950-51 ? 5.22Qu./ha
18 Wheat productivity in 2015-16 ? 32.16 Qu./ha
19 Wheat irrigated area % in 1950-51? 34%
20 Wheat irrigated area % in 2014-15 ?


21 In which state highest % irrigated area of wheat in 2014-15
Meghalaya (100%)

Odisha (100%)

Tamil Nadu (100%)

Tripura (100%)

22 Wheat certified seed requirement in 2016-17 ? 117.55 lakh/Qu.
23 Wheat certified seed availability in 2016-17 ? 136.58 lakh/Qu.
24 Wheat area covered under Insurance Scheme in 2016-17 ? 100.57 lakh/ha (31.35%)
25 In which state highest wheat productivity in 2014-15? Punjab (42.88Qu./ha)
26 Per capita net availability of wheat in 2017 ? 70.1kg/year
27 Estimated demand of wheat in 2020-2021 ? 98MT
28 Average annual growth of wheat production in period 2004-2015 ? 3.21%
29 India’s share in world wheat production in 2015 ? 11.74%(2nd position)
30 China share in world wheat production in 2015 ?


17.66% (1st position)

Wheat grain

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  1. Sir plz clear a doubt.. which state highest % irrigatated area of wheat in present… Haryana or Punjab

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