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Tobacco Plant


TobaccoPlant (1)


  Questions Answer
1 Botanical name? Nicotiana spp.
2 Family ? 


3 Chromosome number ? 2n=48
4 Origin  ? America
5 Tobecco fruit known as ? Capsule
6 Tobacco board located at ? Guntur, (Andhra Pradesh)
7 First hybrid variety of tobacco in India ? GTH-1
8 Indian Tobacco species are? Nicotiana tabacumNicotiana rustica
9 Nicotiana tabacum used for ? Smoking & Chewing
10 Nicotiana rustica used for ? Hookah, Chewing  & Snuff
11 Main chemical compound found in tobacco ? Nicotine
12 Nicotine % in Nicotiana tabacum? 0.5-5.5%
13 Nicotine % in Nicotiana rustica? 3.5-8%
14 Nicotine mainly produced in root but store in ? Leaves
15 Oil percent in tobacco seed ? 35-38%

Tobacco Plant

  Questions Answers
16 Seed rate of tobacco? 
200-300 gram
17 How much seed in 1 gram tobacco seed ? 10-12 thousand
18 Temperature required for tobacco germination ? 21°C
19 Tobacco plant ? Self pollinated
20 Fertilizer required for tobacco (NPK)? 100:100:50
21 Which fertilizers not suitable for tobacco? Potassium chloride
(due to presence of chloride, chloride reduce burning quality of tobacco)
22 Main Weed in tobacco field ? Orobanche 
Type of tobacco?
Virginia, Snuff,
Natu, Bidi,
Cigar, Chiroot, 
24 Flue Cured Tobacco varieties are ? Virginia, Gold 
Line 1494,2359
25 Natu tobacco varieties are ?
Prabhat, DG 3,4
Virginia gold 
26 Bidi tobacco varieties are ? Anand 3, 23, 
27 Hookah and shaving tobacco varieties? Dp-401
DD 413, 414,415,
28 Chewing tobacco varieties are ? Bhagyalakshmi 
Sona, Gandak 
Bahar, Vairam
29 Cigarette wrapper tobacco varieties are? S.5, Rangpur,
30 Cigarette filter tobacco varieties are ? Havana 

  Questions Answer
1 Important practices in tobacco cultivation?
2 Removal of flower head either alone or with few top leaves from the plant known as? Topping
3 Remove of suckers from tobacco known as? De-suckering
4 Main aim of topping and de-suckering operations in tobacco field ? Divert the energy & Nutrient head to leaves
5 Removing moisture from leaves without affecting Aroma, Colour and Texture of tobacco known as ? Curing
6 Common methods of curing are? Flue curing
Air cooling
Fire curing
Sun curing
7 Stage of flue curing are? Yellowing (30-40 hours)
Fixing colour (16-24 hours)
Drawing (28-42 hours)
8 Harvesting methods of tobacco are? 1)Priming
2)Stalk cut method
9 Removing 2-4 fairly mature leaves from each plant. when they are mature with the help of apical knife in regular ascending order? Priming
10 In Tobacco Priming comes after?
Tabacum-120-130 Days 

Rustica-90-105 Days

11 Tobacco production in 2014-15 in India? 8.4 Lakh/tonnes
12 Highest tobacco producing country? China (3rd India)


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