IBPS AFO Mains Test Series

IBPS-AFO Mains Test Series  Hello friends There are only 25 Days left for the Agricultural Field Officer (AFO) Mains Examination. If you have not started studying yet, then it is the right time to start your study for IBPS AFO. Your hard work on study will give you a respectable post in the next 2 […]

Agriculture Field officer Test Model Paper 2

Agriculture Field officer Test  Online Study Writer;-Buddheswar kar   Questions Answer 1 Sulpher content in SSP ? 12% 2 Central institute of Agricultural engineering Is situated on? Bhopal 3 An example of Non-selective Herbicide is?(www.agriexam.com) Glyphosate 4 Full form of TPS? True potato seed 5 One cubic feet is equal to? 28.32 litre 6 IMD […]