Rice Paddy (3) Daily One Liner Question-38

Rice Paddy Useful for all agricultural exams

Rice Paddy Agronomy  
Rice Paddy (3)
  Questions Answer
1 Solar radiation required for better yield of rice? 500-700 cal/cm-²/day
2 Rice crop required how much rainfall for better yield? 150cm – 200cm
3 Root system of rice is?
Fibrous root system
4 The topmost leaf below the Panicle is called? Flag leaf
5 Rice production in 2016-17? 110.15MT
6 Rice cropped area in 2016-17? 44M/ha
7 Airborne disease “Blast” (Rich man’s disease) caused by? Pyricularia oryzae
8 “Bacterial leaf blight” caused by which bacteria ? Xanthomonas oryzae
9 The disease that caused Bengal famine in 1943 (brown leaf spot) caused by ? Helminthosporium Oryzae
10 Bakanae disease (foot rot or foolish seeding) caused by? Gibberella fujikuroi
11 Viral disease  “Tungro” spread by?


Green leaf hopper
12 Viral disease “Grassy stunt” of rice Spread by? Brown plant hopper
13 Which monophagous pest of rice produce “Dead hearts” on affected plant ? Yellow stem borer
14  “Gandhi Bug” attack on rice crop at which stage and suck juice? Milky stage
15 Which pest of rice caused “Silver shoot and onion leaves” symptoms on plant ? Gall midge

Questions Answer
16 Hybrid rice developed by? Yuan Long Ping
17 Golden rice developed by?
Dr. Ingo potrykus
18 Super rice developed by? G.H. Khush
19  Indica  (Sub species of oryza sativa) rice is grown in? India
20 Japonica (Sub species of oryza sativa)  rice is grown in? Japan
21 Javanica (sub species of oryza sativa) wild species grow in ? Indonesia
22 Which rice variety suitable for waterlogged condition ? Jalmagna
23 Salinity tolerant variety of rice is? Lunishree & IR-8
24 Which variety of rice best for direct Sowing? Bala
25 Fertilizer required for rice field ? N:P:K:Z(Zinc) 120:60:40:25
26 Akiochi disease of rice due to? H2S Toxicity
27 Paira and Utera cropping system is closely related to ?? Rice
28 Which are killer disease of rice ?


Bacterial blight & Tungro virus
29 Khaira disease(mainly in nursery) of rice due to deficiency of(first reported by Y l Nene 1966 Pantnagar) ? Zinc
30 “White eye” of rice is due to deficiency of? Iron

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