Pomegranate Daily One Liner Questions-63

Pomegranate questions and answers

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Pomegranate Horticulture


  Questions Answer
1 Botanical name ? Punica granatum
2 Family?


Punicaceae/ Lythraceae
3 Origin ? Iran
4 Chromosome number ? 2n=16
5 Fruit type? Balusta
6 Inflorescence known as? Hypanthium
7 Edible part? Juicy seed coat
8 Commercial propagation method? Hardwood cutting/Air Layering
9 Suitable climate? Sub-tropical
10 Pomegranate good source of ? Iron & Calcium
11 What found in pomegranate bark? Tenin
12 TSS in pomegranate fruit ? 14-16°Brix
13 Highly drought tolerant fruit is? Pomegranate
14 Pomegranate juice useful for?


Leprosy patient (कुष्ठ रोगी​)
15 Wild Pomegranate known as ? Daru

Questions Answers
16 Which is ideal time for planting? July-August
17 Planting spacing? 5M×5M
18 When does flowering and fruit start? After 3 year of planting
19 Flowering time of? March April
20 Famous varieties of?
Ganesh, Jyoti,
Jodhpur red,
Jalore seedless,
Ruby, Bhagwa,
21 Soft seed varieties are? Jyoti, Ganesh,
Bassein seedless,
Paper shell
22 Hard seed varieties are? Kandhari,
23 Suitable variety for processing ? Arakta
24 Fruit Cracking in pomegrant due to deficiency of? Boron
25 More Fruit Cracking in which Bahar season? Mrig Bahar
26 Serious insect pest?
Anar butterfly
Fruit fly
Major disease?
Bacterial Blight
28 National research centre on pomegranate? Solapur (MH)

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