Origin of Crops One Liner Questions (110)

Origin of Crops One Liner

Agriculture Question & Answer Origin of Crops

Agriculture 30 One Liner Question

Origin of Crops

Question Answer
Centers of origin was first given by? Vavilov
Origin of Rice? South East Asia
Origin of Wheat? South west Asia
Origin of Tobacco? Mexico & Central America
Origin of Soybean? China
Origin of Maize? Mexico
Origin of Gram was in? South West Asia or India
Origin of Arhar? Africa / India 
Origin of Cowpea? Africa (Nigeria).
Origin of Sorghum? Africa
 Origin of Pearl Millet(Bajra)?
Origin of Cotton is from?  India
Origin of Moong, Urd? India and Central Asia.
Origin of Ground nut? Brazil
Origin of Sugarcane is? India

Origin of Crops

Question Answer
The origin place of Potato is? South America (Peru)
Origin of Papaya  Tropical America
Origin of Mango? Indo-Burma
Origin of Tomato? Peru
Center of origin of Isabgol and Sarpagandha is? India
Origin place of Date palm? Iraq
Origin of Black pepper, Gum, Sandalwood, Bamboo? Indian
Origin of Finger Millet(Ragi)? India.
Origin of Cucurbit? Tropical America
Origin of Jatropha? tropical America and West Asia.
Origin of orchid is? India
Center of origin of Bael, Phalsa and Kagzilime is? India
Origin of Safflower? India
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