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Mangos (3)

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1 Area under mango production in 2016-17 ? 2.21M/ha
2 Mango production in 2016-17?( 19.50MT
3 Area % under mango production out of total fruits sowing area ? 34.9%
4 Production % of mango out of total fruits production ? 21.2 %
5 Productivity of mango ? 8.7 T/ha
6 Which state has the highest production of mango? ? Uttar Pradesh (4.54MT)
7 Which state has the highest area of ​​mango?
8 Planting time of mango ? June-July
9 Flowering time of mango in North India ? Feb.-March
10 Flowering time of mango in South & west India ? Nov.-Dec.
11 Which hormones are sprayed to prevent mango fruits from falling?? NAA &. 2,4-D
12 Early maturing varieties of mango ? Bombay green,
Bombay yellow,
Gopal Bhog,
kasulkhas, Alphanso
13 Mid season maturing varieties of mango ? Langra
Krishna Bhog,
Gulab Khas
14 Late maturing varieties of mango are ?
Manpasand Kanchan, Fazli
15 If the temperature is high during the flowering season, then what kind of flowers are more? Bisexual flower
16 Amrapali and Mallika varieties of mango developed from ? IARI New Delhi
17 Arka Puneet and Arka Anmol varieties of mango are developed​ from ? IIHR Bangalore
18 The blossoming is done for controlling​ of ? Malformation
19 Vapor heat treatment (VHT) is recommended for disinfection of mango against ? Fruit fly 
Stone weevil
20 Soil suitable for mango cultivation? Well drained loamy soil


Parents Hybrid​ (trick)
21 Dasheri × Neelam
Amrapali (DNA)
22 Neelam × Dasheri  Mallika (NDM)
23 Neelam × Alphanso Ratna (NAR)
24 Ratna × Alphanso Sindhu (RAS)
25 Banganpalli × Alphanso Arka Aruna (BAA)
26 Alphanso × Banganpalli . Arka Puneet (ABA)
27 Neelam × Chausa  H-59 (NCH)
28 Neelam × Langra H-61 (NLH)
29 Alphanso × Janardan Prasad Arka Anmol (AJA)
30 Amrapali. × Janardan Prasad Aam shankar 1084 (AJA)
31 Totapuri × Kesar 
Sai Sugandha (TKS)

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  1. Isme FASLI variety ko mid season maturity variety btaya hai, par previous chapter me isko late maturity batya hai

    1. Fazli var.ko late maturing var.hi bataya h

  2. Thankyou..All the articles are very helpful..Please post some article about the pH requirements of different crops

    1. Thanks Pallavi for your comment. Surely we make article on your demand very soon

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