Mango One Liner Questions (115)

Mango One Liner

Mango One Liner Question & Answer Agriculture One Liner

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Mango One Liner

Question Answer

The botanical name of mango?

Mangifera indica
Mango belongs to which family
Fruit type of Mango is?
Edible part of mango is known as?
The commercial propagation method of mango?
Veneer grafting
The normal planting space of mango?
10m × 10m
The only mutant cultivarr of mango is?
Most exported variety of mango is ?
Seedless variety of mango is (devloped at FRS vengurula) ?
The off season mango variety is ?
The regular bearing varieties of mango are ?
Neeum ,

Banglora ,

Pairi, etc .

Dwarf variety of mango is?
Seedless variety of mango is?
Sweetest variety of mango is?
Suitable variety for processing in mango is?
‘Alphanso” variety of mango is grown in?
Mango variety suitable for high density planting is: 
High density planting (2.5 m × 2.5 m) of mango is done in?
Amrapalli variety
Most popular variety of India?
Regular bearer varieties of mango?



Gulab khas,

Pairy and Totapari

Mango One Liner

Question Answer
Mallika is a cross of?
Neelam × Dashehari
Amrapalli is a cross of?
Dashehari × Neelam
Ratna is a cross of?
Neelam × Alphanso
Sindhu is a cross of?
Ratna × Alphanso
Internal fruit necrosis in Mango is due to?
Boron deficiency
Spongy tissue is due to?
Convection heats
Internal fruit necrosis in Mango is due to?
Boron deficiency
Deblossoing is done for?
Control of malformation
Bearing habit of mango is?
Mango is also known as?
King of fruits

National fruit

Bathroom fruit

King of Fruits

Leading Mango producing state having maximum area under mango?
Uttar pradesh
Mango inflorescence contains , which type of flowers?
Male and hermaphrodite
Which type of incompatibility is found in mango ?
Pollination in mango is carried by?
House flies
Black tip in mango is a physiological disorder due to brick kiln fumes mostly CO, SO2 or ?
Deficiency of boron
High content of vitamin found in Mango is?
Vitamin – A
Major pest of mango?
Mango hoppers
Paclo butrazol & Kuttar chemical is used in mango for?
Avoiding the alternate bearing
Fruit drop in mango is controlled by?
2, 4-D
Mango malformation is controlled by?

Mango One Liner

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