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FAMOUS NAME OF CROPS Famous Name Crops King of cereals Wheat Queen of cereals  Maize King of coarse cereals  Sorghum  Camel crop Sorghum  King of pulses Chickpea Queen of pulses Pea King of oilseeds Groundnut Queen of oilseeds   Sesame (Til) King of temperate fruits Apple King of Arid and semi arid fruits Ber King of […]

Agriculture Quick Study Table

Agriculture Quick Study Table Classification of cotton fiber on the basis of length Type  Length (MM) 1 Short 20.0 and below 2 Medium 20.5 to 24.5 3 Medium Long 25.0 to 27.0 4 Long 27.5 to 32.0 5 Extra Long 32.5 and above Farmer Type  Area (ha) 1 Marginal <1 2 Small 1-2 3 Semi […]

Agricultural Growth Development In Agriculture

Agricultural Growth Year Growth  in Agriculture Field 70 million years ago  Trees evolved 40 million years.ago  Monkeys & apes evolved 10 million years ago  Dogs were domesticate in Iraq 8700B.C.  Sheeps were domesticated in Iraq 7700B.C.  Goats were domesticated in Iraq 7500B.C.  Invention of polished stone implements, cultivation of crops like wheat & barley in middle east. […]

Crop Production in India

Crop Production in India  Production  of  Foodgrains  As on: 26.09.2018 Million Tonnes In Last year IBPS-AFO Exam ask Question about 2015-16 Production Data So Cropping year 2016-17 Data Important for this year exam Which crop have largest production in the year 2015-16? Rice (104.41million tonnes in 2015-16) Highest cropping area under which crop in the […]

Vacancy Agriculture in Tamilnadu  Assistant Agricultural Officer

Agriculture in Tamilnadu Job In Agriculture Department  Job Agriculture in Tamilnadu  Assistant Agricultural Officer Post Name  Assistant Agricultural Officer Total No. Of Post 580 Registration Start Date 27.12.2018 Last Date for Registration 29.01.2019 Exam Date 07.04.2019 Job Location Tamil Nadu Pay scale ₹ 20600-65500 (Level – 10) Age Limit 18-30 Year (For ST,SC No Maximum Age […]

Plant Names Crops Botanical Names

 Plant Names  List of Crops–Common and Botanical Names   Cereals & millets Rice Oryza sativa Wheat Triticum aestivum . Triticum sativum, Maize Zea mays Rye Secale cereale Oat Avena sativa Barley Hordeum vulgare Sorghum (Jowar) Sorghum bicolor Pearl millet (Bajra) Pennisetum glaucum Finger millet (Ragi) Eleusine coracana Barnyard millet (kuthiraivali) Echinochloa frumentacea Italian millet (thenai) […]