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Agriculture Field officer Test Model Paper 2

Agriculture Field officer Test  Online Study Writer;-Buddheswar kar   Questions Answer 1 Sulpher content in SSP ? 12% 2 Central institute of Agricultural engineering Is situated on? Bhopal 3 An example of Non-selective Herbicide is?( Glyphosate 4 Full form of TPS? True potato seed 5 One cubic feet is equal to? 28.32 litre 6 IMD […]

IBPS-AFO Questions Model paper

IBPS-AFO Questions Model paper This IBPS-AFO Questions Prepared By:- THENNARASU TN   Questions Answer 1 The permissible limit for sulphur dioxide in jam is? ( 40 ppm 2 The self-fruit fly variety of Prunnusdomestica (plum) grown in India is ? Santa Rosa 3 National research centre for oil palm is located at ? Elura (A.P.) 4 […]