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Plant Disease (Plant Pathology) One Liners (121)

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Plant Disease (Plant Pathology) Agriculture Exam Plant Disease (Plant Pathology) Question & Answer Plant Disease (Plant Pathology) Read Crops Disease & Pathogen – Open Question Answer Vector of leaf curl disease in Cotton?  White flies The vector of sterility mosaic of pigeonpea?  Mite (Aceria cajani) Vector for bud necrosis of groundnut is? Thrips The vector of […]

Extension Agriculture Exam One Liner Questions (120)

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Extension Agriculture Exam Extension Agriculture Question & Answer Extension 30 One Liner Question Extension Agriculture Entrance Exam Question Answer Firka Development Scheme was given by? T. Prakashan Command Area Development (CAD) Programme was established in? 1974 Sevagram Project was given by? Mahatma Gandhi (1929). Mazdoor Manzil was given by? S.K. Day (1947).  Small Farmer’s Development […]

Agricultural Extension Education One Liner Question 28

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Agricultural Extension Education for all agricultural exams Agricultural Extension Education   Questions Answer 1 Who was the first secretary of ICAR ?  Mr A.S. Hydari 2 First agriculture minister of independent India ?(After first general election 1951) Mr. Rafi Ahmed Kidwai 3 Khadi and village Commission was established in ? AgriExam.Com 1957 4 Nehru Yuva Kendra […]